House of Foxy Time for Tea dress

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow

50s style sundress

Glasgow Green

Glasgow Green

These photos were taken on the day I started off by filling up my coffee mug with dog food. A day which, Terry informs me, I apparently continued by putting a tea bag in the coffee jar. A USED tea bag. Didn’t even know I’d done that until Terry told me about it three days later. Seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Am I going prematurely senile? Because I worry about that a lot. It’s, like, one of my biggest fears, along with being beheaded or discovering a crab in my bed.

(You’re probably thinking that second one is SO UNLIKELY that it’s just not even worth worrying about, aren’t you? Well, tell that to my subconscious, which regularly wakes me up in the middle of the night, and sends me screaming across the room, convinced I’ve just seen one of the spindly-legged little gits crawling over the bedsheets…)

(You’re possibly thinking the first one is fairly unlikely too, but, look, I watch Game of Thrones, I know how these things can happen.)

Actually, I think my more-than-usually distracted state that morning was probably just down to me thinking about the day ahead, which we were planning to spend at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, in Glasgow.  “I will call my blog post, ‘Let Us Haste to Kelvingrove,'” I told Terry, as we got onto the motorway, feeling quite pleased with myself. “Why would you do that?” he asked. “What does it even mean?” Then I had to explain that it’s an old Scottish song that we used to be forced to sing during music lessons at school, and which I’d assumed everyone else in the country had been forced to sing, too. Apparently not, though. (I actually always hated that song, so I have no idea why I wanted to reference it, or even why I’m telling you this. Hmmm.)

Anyway, we hastened to Kelvingrove, and I have to hold my hands up here and admit that we we only spent around 15 minutes inside the museum, because a) the weather was far too nice to spend the day indoors and b) we’re just not that cultured, really. It’s an amazing building, though, and it’s crammed full of interesting stuff, so we’ve promised ourselves we’ll go back soon, just on a day when it’s cold/rainy enough that we won’t feel like we’re probably wasting the one decent day we’ll get this summer.

Once we left Kelvingrove, we continued on to Glasgow Green, where we had a wander around the giant greenhouse, before heading back into the centre of the city to eat. And also to visit ZARA, because, obviously. On our way there, we passed a guy who’d just been given a parking ticket, and who was filming the bemused looking traffic warden on his iPhone, while saying, “We’ll get this up on You Tube ASAP, pal – just you wait!”You Tube as intimidation –  I’ve seen it all now…

WEARING: ‘Time for Tea’ dress c/o House of Foxy; Primark wedges

  1. You were not being present in the moment. Your thoughts were somewhere else. Look up Mindfulness. It will explain how to bring your focus to the present.

  2. Museums are not for sunny days in this country, we all know that, you’re ok! I do so love this dress… looks great with your new posh Fitbit band too 😉 I’m starting to really want one of those now…

    1. I’m definitely getting a lot of use out of it, that’s for sure! I’ve just ordered a plain white one from eBay, too – the fact that they’re only about 99p each makes it a bit too tempting to impulse-buy them: I’ll end up with a whole Fitbit wardrobe at this rate!

      1. I have a Mi Fit band and how I wish they made a pretty bracelet to hold that too. I’m stuck with the basic black strap it came with. They make other coloured bands but only rubber ones, nothing as swanky as your metal one.

  3. This space and your outfit are positively perfect for one another!!! But those heads dangling from the ceiling takes the cake! I mean, how often do you see something so cool?

    Sed Bona

  4. Someone understand my fear of crabs! They’re absolutely horrid. Your fear of finding them under the sheets is completely justified. Every time I visit anywhere near the coast it plagues me. Especially when I’m staying in a cabin near the waterfront.

  5. Aah! Voldemort heads! I can just imagine those heads coming for me at night. Naturally, they’re glowing, and have evil smiles. Looks like I’m going to be sleeping with the lights on tonight…

  6. I sometimes love being in a museum, just kind of soaking in the culture and such. That greenhouse is so beautiful, I love botanical buildings so much lately, as well.

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