misty morning

Three Months Later

misty morning Sunset rain on the window Tomorrow is the three month anniversary of the day we moved into our new house (Yes, we're still referring to it as a "new" house), so I figured that would be as good an excuse as any for me to post a bunch of photos of wind turbines. Well, everyone loves a good wind turbine, don't they? I HOPE you do, anyway, because I photograph these bad boys at least three times per week (Disclaimer: Terry took the top three photos, because it was very early in the morning, and I don't "do" early in the morning. Or just "morning" in general, really.), so you should probably prepare to see a lot of them from here on out. So, three month you guys! That's, like, ONE QUARTER OF A YEAR. And it's strange, because on the one hand I feel like we've been here forever now, but on the other, it's like we just moved in yesterday. It's fair to say that we're well and truly settled in at this point, but the house hasn't quite lost its delicious "newness" for us yet: I still get up in the mornings and think, "Wow, I actually OWN this place!", which is a nice feeling, especially after all of the near-misses we had when we were trying to buy it. (Speaking of which, I still check the property listings every so often, and the house of Nigel, International Man of Mystery is still on the market. That could so easily have been us, so we're super-grateful to be sitting here right now, taking endless photos of wind turbines, rather than still trying to keep our old house in perfect, "ready-to-be-viewed" condition at all times...) As for what we've done to the place, well, NOT MUCH would be the short answer to that one. Terry's done a lot of work to the garden, most of which is of the "strictly temporary" variety, with the main aim of creating a non-muddy area for Rubin to use until we get round to properly developing it. Most of what he's done so far has been achieved using the various bits of decking and concrete left behind by the previous owner, and what we could beg or borrow from friends... Like I say, it's all temporary, but it definitely looks a whole lot better than it did when we moved in, which is particularly amazing when you consider the fact that this is basically just a glorified toilet for Rubin:

garden makeover

You asked for it.

garden makeover When I blogged about not having anything to blog about earlier this week, some of you were kind enough to say that you're willing to tolerate posts about the Less Than Interesting stuff which is basically all that ever happens around here at the moment. This post is your fault. Nah, I'm just joking. See, the thing is, I've always kept journals. I got my first diary when I was ten, and each new year after that was marked by the opening of a brand new journal, in which I would meticulously document every tedious detail of my life, just in case I became famous one day and my biographers needed some info on what I had for lunch on the 16th of January, 1994, or something equally important. When I started this blog, I stopped keeping journals. There just didn't seem to be much point, when the blog was there to serve as the record of my life instead. But then, as I mentioned in my previous post, somewhere along the line the blog stopped being about my life, and so all of those little details were lost to the mists of time. What will my biographers do NOW, I wonder? Well, today I'm here to help them along, because in an bid to re-introduce some of the more personal/boring stuff to this blog, here is a novel-length post about my garden. You're welcome.