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Read my diary…

Ever wished you could read someone's diary?

I started keeping diaries when I was 11 years old: in fact, I even re-published my very first journal here on the blog… so if you’ve ever wondered what it was like being a pony-mad pre-teen in the late ’80s, your wish has just been granted.  My blog is basically a continuation of those early paper journals, and I write regular life updates, along with random stories about anything that takes my fancy. Want to read?

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Creating a Scandinavian-style home in central Scotland…

We’re painting our house white, room by room. It’s only a little bit stressful…

Creating a Scandinavian-style home in central Scotland

We moved into our current home just over five years ago, and immediately set about painting it white, room by room. (No, it’s not high maintenance, and no, the baby doesn’t draw on the walls. Yet.) So far we’ve tackled the kitchen and living room, the master bedroom and nursery, and I also have an entire room for my clothes. (Look, I’m a fashion blogger: I have a LOT of clothes…) That just leaves everything else… and we’re slowly working our way through the rest of the to-do list, hampered only slightly by our habit of flooding the house, or having to have the hallway dug up.  Want to know more?

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I sometimes write restaurant reviews.

(Even although I don’t really know much about food…)

Never say any of these things...

(Unless you want to be really, really annoying...)

A question of etiquette


Me too: although, I’m not talking about “etiquette” in the sense of knowing which fork to use with each course, or how you should address an Earl – important though those things undoubtedly are. No, I’m more interested in questions of modern etiquette: like whether it’s rude to ask visitors to remove their shoes, or if you’re obliged to be Facebook friends with your family members. Want to read more?

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A matter of opinion.

My opinions aren’t particularly controversial, but they annoy people anyway.

Feeling down?

Here are some ways to pick yourself back up again...

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