The Lighthouse, Glasgow

The Lighthouse, Glasgow


Glasgow, Scotland

visiting The Lighthouse, Glasgow

[La Redoute jacket // H&M faux-fur scarf // J Brand jeans // Guess ankle boots c/o Sarenza // Zac by Zac Posen handbag*]

Last Saturday, Terry and I were in Glasgow doing some shopping, when we happened to walk past a building calling itself The Lighthouse.

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“Funny place for a lighthouse!” we said, but as it turns out, this isn’t just any old lighthouse, it’s THE Lighthouse: home of Glasgow’s Centre for Design and Architecture, a fascinating Charles Rennie Mackintosh exhibit, and this fabulous observation deck, which allows you to stand and look out over the city, as if you’re in a very grainy black and white movie.

Terry and I both admire the works of Mr Mackintosh, but really, it was the promise of the observation deck that drew us in. Which is strange, really, because we’re both a bit scared of heights.

“I bet we’ll have to pay for that,” Terry said doubtfully, as we stared at the sign on the door, but actually, the whole building is totally free to wander around and enjoy, so we headed on over to the lift, and quickly found ourselves on the top floor, looking at the views pictured above. Miraculously, the deck was totally free of Others, so we managed to grab a few quick photos before the lift doors pinged once more, and about twenty of them spilled out, all shrieking and clamouring to be FIRSTATTHEWINDOWS, so we beat our retreat, and headed over to what was ominously described as “The Tower”. This turned out to be a pretty good name for it, because it actually IS an old stone tower, with wooden steps snaking their way up the inside, leading to a circular outdoor platform high above the city. Let me just say again at this point say again at this point: neither of us is very keen on heights, and they were the type of stairs that have gaps between each step. And I was wearing heels.


spiral staircase

We made it to the top without incident, though, and emerged into the fresh air at the very top of the tower:

The Lighthouse

That’s not fear you see in my eyes, it’s exhilaration. And OK, maybe a little bit of fear, because I’m one of those people who can’t stand on a balcony without thinking, “Hey, imagine what it would be like to fall head-first off this thing!” It was worth the climb, though, and once we’d descended all those steps again, we had a quick browse around the Mackintosh centre, which was also excellent: we really wished we’d had a little more time to spend on it, but, you know, SHOPPING. Well, those shoes aren’t going to buy themselves, are they*?

(*I didn’t actually buy shoes.)

(*Just a pair of gingham pants.)

(*And also a stripey top, obviously. I can’t remember the last time I went shopping and DIDN’T buy a stripey top…)

Anyway, if you’re ever in Glasgow, I highly recommend a visit to The Lighthouse, which, as I mentioned, is absolutely free. Just be prepared for a bit of a climb…

  1. It’s also a Mackintosh-designed building itself! Designed when he was a young draughtsman in the architectural practice of Honeyman and Keppie 🙂

  2. I love places like this, spur of the moment adventures. And lighthouses are pretty cool, although I think I have only been in one and it was not a real functioning lighthouse.

    I will definitely go should I find myself in Glasgow, which hopefully, one day I will. 🙂 Wonderful photos!

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