Clarins Rouge Eclat Satin Finish Age-Defying Makeup: swatches

Clarins Rouge Eclat Satin Finish Age-Defying Makeup: swatches

Clarins Rouge Eclat Satin Finish Age-Defying Makeup: swatches

A few days ago, I answered a knock on the door, and was presented with a envelope stuffed full of samples from Clarin’s Spring makeup line. I know, I know: it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it…

I’ll be working my way through photographing and testing some of the new products over the next couple of weeks, and I’m kicking off with some lipstick swatches from the Rouge Eclat Satin Finish Age-Defying Lipstick line, which, as I’m sure you can guess, is designed to help combat the signs of ageing, which, in the case of the lips, includes dry skin, lips lines, and all that other lovely stuff.

I was sent these in four different shades: Nude Rose, Tropical Pink, Coral Pink and Woodrose, the names of which all do a pretty good job of describing what’s inside the tubes. As for the tubes themselves, well, they’re pretty darn gorgeous: lightweight gold tubes encased in a perspex case, all with a little window on top so you can see the colour inside. They have a nice, quality feel to them, and while packaging isn’t hugely important to me, it’s always nice to be able to pull a pretty case out of your bag, rather than a tatty old one, no?

Now, I’ll say upfront that I won’t be able to tell you much about those anti-ageing claims, and whether they’re true or not, because these colours, although pretty, don’t work particularly well with my colouring, so I’ve tried them only briefly, and didn’t take any photos of me actually wearing them. What I CAN tell you is that they smell absolutely gorgeous, and look pretty nice, too:

Lipstick Swatches: Clarins Rouge Eclat Satin Finish Age-Defying Lipstick

lipstick swatches

lipstick swatches

L-R Nude Rose, Tropical Pink, Coral Pink, Woodrose

On the skin, these are fairly sheer, and much more shimmery than they look above, but they’re actually quite buildable, and I found it easy enough to get a fairly strong look from them, as well as the more subtle, shimmery one they’re designed for:

lipstick swatches

lipstick swatch

L-R Nude Rose, Tropical Pink, Coral Pink and Woodrose, photographed in two different types of lighting

As I mentioned above, I didn’t find any of the shades particularly flattering on me, but my favourites were Tropical Pink and Coral Pink. The first is a little too, well, pink, and the second a little too orange to be perfect  on me, but they didn’t look terrible either, and I’m sure they’d look gorgeous on someone else. They definitely FEEL gorgeous, and while I haven’t worn any of them for hours at a time, they’re nice and easy to apply, going on without any dragging or flaking, and they feel almost like lip balm when they’re on, so I suspect they’ll be pretty comfortable, too.

These, however, are just four of the shades available in this line: you can check out the rest and order online here.

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