Last week, while fighting off a lurgy and freaking out ever-so-slightly at the state of the house, we finished painting the brown wall in our living room green.

You all knew we’d paint that wall green, didn’t you? I mean, what other colour would I possibly go for? Other than white, obviously. Which is the colour (or, er, lack of colour, really…) we painted the OTHER three walls in the room.

The green in question is Farrow & Ball’s ‘Cooking Apple Green’, which we picked because it’s a nice, fresh shade, without being too lurid. This room gets a lot of light anyway, but we both felt the brown was a little too dingy (As I mentioned when I posted the ‘before’ shots of the room, our style is very light, bright and minimal. Very, very minimal…), so we wanted to make it feel light and airy, with just a few pops of colour here and there. When we embarked on this project, our plan was JUST to paint the brown wall. Somehow, though, painting that one wall turned into painting ALL of the walls, which turned into replacing the light-switch, which turned into replacing the blinds, which turned into buying new lamps, which finally led to me buying more cushions. It ALWAYS ends up with me buying more cushions, doesn’t it? Terry is in despair…

Farrow & Ball Cooking Apple Green
bored dog

The painting of the wall was actually the easiest bit of the whole process. We started off with a coat of primer (Farrow & Ball Wall and Ceiling Primer and Undercoat), which we let dry for a few hours before cracking on with the Cooking Apple Green. The whole process took just a few hours from start to finish, and given that it took us about 15 hours just to decide on tile for our powder room floor, that was something of a triumph for us, let me tell you.

I should stress here that this room is still very much a work in process, and at the moment a few of the things we have in it are of the “until we can afford something better” variety. We STILL haven’t gotten around to putting anything on the walls (other than paint, obviously), but we DID purchase some frames at the weekend, which we’ll be using for some of our own photos. Just don’t ask which ones – THAT decision will probably take another few months at least.

Farrow & Ball 'Cooking Apple Green'

living room refresh: details

living room lighting

living room painted with Farrow & Ball Cooking Apple Green paint

living room details

We also made a little timelapse video of the wall paintin’, which you can see below. It’s LITERALLY as interesting as watching paint dry, though. Because it IS watching paint dry. I’ve no idea how I’m ever going to follow this, but I’ll do my best. In the meantime: enjoy!

[This post is a collaboration with Farrow & Ball. All opinions are my own, as are any strange patchy bits on the wall…]
  1. We moved into our house two and a half years ago and we still haven’t been able to decide what photographs to put on the living room wall, so you might still manage to beat us.

    We have a green feature wall in our kitchen/dining room – we looked at apple but went slightly darker in the end. We just bought a new sofa for that room and it needs cushions. My husband just groaned when I mentioned it – he doesn’t understand why we can’t take some of the *8* chevron-patterned cushions on the living room sofas through.

  2. Oooh my step dad designs and builds bespoke kitchens and he adores farrow and ball. I always dream of embracing a minimalist look like yours, but still can’t manage it.I’d love not to be so attached to all of my objects.

  3. That green is a lot paler than I expected when I read “cooking apple green”, but I think it looks great and suits your style 🙂 Actually really enjoyed the time lapse too, especially Rubin’s cameos!

    1. I agree about the video. I clicked on it wondering why I had clicked on it – because watching paint dry is something I seem to be able to do at my own house on a regular basis – but the whole thing was adorable!

  4. Oh man you are literally living my dream. We also have a living room with one brown wall and I HATE it so much, it makes the already small room look smaller and dingier. I’d love to paint it a lovely light green but my partner disagrees, so we still haven’t agreed on what to do with it, three months after deciding we were doing something with it! Your living room looks gorgeous though. Do you mind if I ask where your sofa is from? X

  5. I loved that video – and how Rubin gets plonked and just sits there for pretty much the rest of it. There was also a bit where Terry was painting literally most of the wall and you seemed to be repeatedly doing the same bit on the right, which made me laugh – as did how your first priority was to paint your URL 😉 Anyway, video aside, I love the green and the room looks great! I would be minimalist if I didn’t leave so much rubbish lying around everywhere all the time… but I do, genuinely, love light bright spaces!

    1. Haha, I wondered if anyone would notice that! Unfortunately my painting isn’t up to Terry’s exacting standards, so I get stuck with the boring “keying in” bits (Which I HATE! And which I actually think is the most difficult bit because you’ve got to round all the edges, lightswitches etc, and try not to get paint on things that aren’t supposed to be painted), while he does the more “fun” bit (if there ever IS a “fun” bit with painting!). I also get told to do it again if I don’t get it right the first time, which I never do: I’m amazed our marriage survived the experience, to be honest!

  6. I’ve lived (this autocorrected to loved and I almost left it) in my house for 5 years now and still have nothing on my walls, save for two random pictures hanging by my closet that I bought at Target ages ago. I have photo frames all over my side tables and piano, but I just can’t decide which to hang where. I love that green it’s suck a soft pretty color. And Rubin is absolutely precious. I mean ferocious. He’s absolutely Ferocious because he’s a wolf!

    Fashion and Happy Things

  7. This room is stunning! I loved the video too. Rubin is adorable in it and I loved your foreveramber words – was almost kind of half maybe totally wanting you to not paint over it!

    Corinne x

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