Lancomehypnose "You're wearing 'special' makeup today," my husband observed a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't done anything different with my makeup, but I was trying out Lancome's 'Hypnose' mascara for the first time so I pressed him for more details and discovered that he thought my eyelashes looked "thicker" and "fuller". Men - ya gotta love 'em!

This was a good result for Hypnose, though, I thought. It's rare for my husband to make any comment at all on my makeup, so the fact that he'd noticed something different meant that the mascara must have done something out of the ordinary. Despite this, though, I have to say that although I like this mascara, I don't quite love it. Read on to find out why...

FiberwigmascaraBeing the mascara whore I am, Fiberwig has been on my wish list for a while now. Why? Well, this is one of Japan's top-selling mascaras, and it's said to create a "false eyelash effect", making your lashes look long and luscious (now try saying that fast). "Sounds good to me!" I thought, throwing it into my Sephora shopping bag. I mean, super-long lashes - what's not to like?

I've tried this a few times now, with varying rates of success. Today's trial didn't give me the best results I've had with this, but I've taken some "before and after" pictures anyway, which you can see after the jump, along with the review.

Fauxcils I so, so wanted to love this mascara. It's been recommended to me by so many people, who've said such wonderful things about it that I just had to try it. Here's what happened...

How It Works: Well, it's a mascara, innit? It works by making your eyelashes look darker, longer, lusher and lovelier. Or that's the theory, anyway. This one in particular is supposed to mimic the "faux cils" (false eyelashes) look, creating big ole doll-like lashes. But does it work?

Packaging: Like Touche Eclat before it, Faux Ciels comes in YSL's signature gold "tube". It's a look that's working for them, so let's not knock it: and there's no denying it feels satisfyingly expensive when you pcik it up. I like that. 8/10