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Isabella Oliver pink Ellis maternity tank dressSo, I’ve been doing a lot of lounging, lately.

Like, a lot of lounging.*

Seriously, though, can you blame me? I mean, this is the only time in my entire life when I’ve had a legitimate excuse to put my feet up, and you better believe I’ll be milking it for all it’s worth – especially given that people keep telling me I’ll never be able to lounge again – like, EVER – once the baby’s here. Gulp.

This morning, for instance, I put my feet up while Terry changed the bedlinen. And, OK, that was actually more because I freakin’ hate changing the bedsheets, than because I physically couldn’t do it, but even so… sorry, Terry, I’m just not about that life.

Anyway, this dress is another one by Isabella Oliver, and it’s not actually sold as maternity loungewear (So your living room doesn’t have to be the only place to see it!), but it’s just so damn comfy that I’ve been wearing it on repeat… and wondering how on earth I’ll cope without these dresses when I’m no longer pregnant.

(Answer: I won’t – I’ll probably just keep on wearing them, to be perfectly honest…)

Over the top, I’m wearing another one of my maternity essentials in the shape of yet another one of ASOS’s ultimate chunky cardigans. As I said, I have this in three colours now (pink, grey and cream, in case you’re wondering…), and it’s not actually maternity wear, so I’ll be able to keep on wearing it for a long time to come, too. I’ve been trying to resist writing to ASOS  and begging asking them to release it in some other colours (Like a mint green, say Or… any other shade of green.), but then again, if they did, I’d obviously have to buy them all (They’re a bit like Pokemon, really: gotta catch ’em all!), so maybe that’s not such a good idea, now I come to think of it?

(*Yes, I have also been taking regular exercise. Please don’t yell at me, Internet!)

(Raising the remote and pointing it at the TV totally counts as “exercise”, right? Just checking…)

outfit details
Ellis maternity tank dress
c/o Isabella Oliver
ASOS Ultimate chunky cardigan

  1. Your pregnancy loung wear is way more glam than my going-out-on-the-street wear. I hate to use the word ‘glowing’ because I don’t really understand it, but I do believe it’s often associated with pregnant people, so I assume it’s appropriate!

  2. I love this dress! I have been having a hard time finding affordable maternity clothes. I wish there was a Forever 21 of maternity clothing so I didn’t have to spend so much on things I will only wear for a little while.

  3. I’ve been following you for AGES, literal years and years, but I haven’t read your blog in a long while and when I read about your pregnancy I was really happy for you (as if I knew you, lol). Anyway, I’m still a big fan and hope you and Terry all the happiness in the world!

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