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Maternity Style | The Pink Pleated Skirt

pink pleated maternity skirt

oasis tres lovely sweater

pink maternity skirt with grey slogan sweater


ne of my biggest maternity style challenges so far – other than finding clothes that aren’t black, obviously – has been putting together outfits that still feel like “me”… so I can’t even tell you how happy the arrival of this ASOS maternity skirt made me.

(Actually, I can’t tell you happy ASOS in general has made me lately. SO happy, in fact, that a couple of weeks ago, I went ahead and renewed my ASOS premier membership just so that when I’m lying in bed scrolling through the ‘new in’ section of a morning, and I find that elusive item of maternity clothing that doesn’t look like a sack, I can have it in my sweaty little hands the very next day. Well, you never really know when a pleated midi skirt emergency will crop up, do you?)

Anyway, I bought this skirt because it seemed like the kind of thing the “old” me – the me who’s only just starting to realise that, actually, her pot belly didn’t make her look nearly as “pregnant” as she thought it did – would have worn. In fact, it didn’t SEEM like that at all: it totally IS like that, because, if you’ve taken the trouble to memorise my outfit archives (And who HASN’T, I ask you?), then you’ve probably already noticed that it’s basically this outfit, only with maternity clothes rather than regular clothes.

Well, ONE piece of maternity clothing, anyway: the sweater is actually an old one from Oasis which still fits over the bump, but, as I’ve said before, I can still comfortably fit into quite a few of my pre-pregnancy tops: it’s skirts and trousers/jeans I have the problem with, which is why this one was such a Godsend.

Unfortunately, while quite a few of my maternity purchases (stretchy dresses, longline tops etc) will hopefully still be wearable post-partum, this isn’t one of them, because the front of the skirt is cut longer than the back, to accommodate the bump, so let’s just hope my existing pink midi skirt will one day fit me again. Because TWO pink midi skirts is kind of excusable, I guess, when one of them is a maternity version, but three? Let’s not even go there. Or let’s pray we don’t HAVE to, anyway.

It should, however, last me until the end of the pregnancy at least, although I’m drawing ever-closer to that fateful day when I have to finally bow to the inevitable and buy myself some maternity tights. That day is coming, my friends: but it’s not here quite yet, so I’m determined to enjoy these last few days of easy-dressing as much as I possibly can….

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ASOS pleated maternity skirt

Office shoes

Elizabeth & James ‘Vale’ sunglasses*

Cambridge Satchel Co. Cloud bag*

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  • Myra
    September 18, 2017

    This is soooo you, very pretty.
    Re maternity tights, one of my friends never used them. She bough large tights and wore them back to front and they fitted as the bum bit is bigger than the front. Saved her a lot of money.

    • Amber
      September 18, 2017

      It’s not really the cost that bothers me (the ones I’ve seen seem to be the same price as regular tights), it’s just that I hate tights!

  • Wendy
    September 18, 2017

    Can’t you wear leggings and ankle boots and just pretend they are really thick tights? That’s what I do all the time:-)

    • Amber
      September 18, 2017

      Only if it was an outfit that worked with ankle boots: I normally prefer shoes!

  • Frida
    September 18, 2017

    Love this, it’s so you and it’s so cute, simple and cute. And the skirt it was a lucky find! Maternity skirts that are also nice looking are so hard to find (I was never able to find one during my pregnancy!)
    As for maternity tights, I too bought XL tights and wore it back to front, it was easier, cheaper, and more to choose from.

    • Amber
      September 18, 2017

      That’s really interesting that people find them expensive/hard to find – I’ll just be sticking to the plain black ones, which don’t seem to be expensive, but I guess if you’re really into tights and want different colours etc it could get tricky!

  • Rosie
    September 18, 2017

    How are you finding wearing heels whilst pregnant? I’ve never been preggers myself but people always feels like pointing out that should I ever get pregnant (like it’s any of their blood business) that the first thing to go will be my heels. I hope you are the proof that this is not the case.

    • Amber
      September 18, 2017

      It honestly doesn’t feel any different to me at all (I know that will change as the pregnancy progresses, but at the moment my feet are the same size, and my centre of balance doesn’t feel any different either, so walking feels exactly the same to me!) but I’ve been waiting for people to judge me for it! I do think people take a weird pleasure in telling you how awful everything is going to be, though, and when you’re pregnant, they want to police your every move: it’s very strange, but no, not all of the negative stuff is inevitable (or not at this stage, anyway – I don’t expect to be wearing heels in the 3rd trimester!), no matter how much people want you to think it is!

      • Selina
        September 19, 2017

        People really do take some sort of perverse pleasure in telling you just how bad it’s going to be, don’t they? And then there’s the opposite of that, the “oh I had a much easier pregnancy than you and I can’t understand why you’re complaining” people. Like the acquaintance of mine who was pregnant at the same time as me, who, when I complained about having just vomited dinner, said “oh sometimes feel like vomiting too, but I just talk myself out of it”. Yep. This was only a few days after I had been released from hospital because I was dehydrated from having severe morning sickness. Obviously, if I’d just had a good stern talk with myself I never would have ended up in hospital!

  • Jean
    September 18, 2017

    Get out of town! That’s the cutest maternity look ever.

  • Kristian
    September 18, 2017

    Ah! I wish I’d had such a cute maternity skirt! It got cold so fast, I didn’t wear many dresses or skirts when I was pregnant….. You look utterly darling!

    Also, re: the wearing heels thing another commenter asked about. You do you! People will still warn you to “watch you step” regardless of your footwear being flats or heels (to be fair, we had an unusually cold and icy winter that actually shut down schools and that never happens, but still….)