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This month I…

Boden Holland Park coat

[Disclaimer: I actually meant to publish this post LAST month, obviously, but… I forgot. I will try to do this month’s version THIS month, though. OR, I will just completely forget I even intended to start this series, and never do it again. The guessing will be half the fun!]


So, this  last month I…


The Disappearance of Emily Marr

 The Disappearance of Emily Marr, by Louise Candlish

A few weeks ago, I discovered that if I use the Kindle app on the iPad, I can actually read books while I’m running on the treadmill. Not only has this made running on the treadmill a whole lot more interesting, it’s also allowed me to do a lot more reading, which makes me very happy indeed. I think I remember mentioning last year sometime that I wasn’t finding the time to read as much as I’d ideally like, and, I mean, I’m still not. Ideally I’d like to read ALL the time, but I’m at least getting to read much more than I had been, which is awesome.

I can’t remember how I came across this book, but the title intrigued me: I’m a big fan of mystery stories, and while this isn’t really a “mystery” in the true sense, it’s most definitely one of those books that you don’t want to put down, because you just HAVE to find out what happens next. I found the ending a little disappointing, but really enjoyed the rest, particularly the examination of how today’s media can turn people into “celebrities”, and basically tear them apart. Since finishing this, I’ve started working my way through some more of Louise Candlish’s books, and am really enjoying them: the fact that I’m actually looking forward to my morning run, so that I can pick up my book again says it all, really.

(The fact that I dropped the iPad so many times – and not even while I was running, either – that Terry had to replace the screen last week says a lot, too…)


Lancome Facial Cleanser

Lancome Galatéis Douceur Facial Cleaner (c/o House of Fraser)

‘ll be honest: I don’t normally buy expensive cleansers. Actually, I normally wash my face with olive oil. Yes, the kind you cook with, and put on your salad. I’ve been using olive oil as a cleanser for years now – since I first read about it on some beauty blog or other, in fact. I switch to “proper” cleansers whenever someone sends me one to review, but it’s rare that I find the “proper” cleanser any better than the olive oil, which is why I keep returning to it. Why spend money on expensive lotions when you don’t need to, right?

Anyway, this month I was sent this bottle of Lancome Galatéis Douceur to try. I’m a big Lancome fan: I swear by their mascara, and have been impressed with their foundation, too, but while I didn’t have any complaints about this cleanser, it didn’t convince me to repurchase it either. I’m always a little reluctant to review skin care products, because it’s rare that I notice any difference between them all, other than surface differences involving packaging and scents. For that reason, my litmus test of skincare is always the question, “Is it any better than what I’m already using?” In this case, while I’m very much enjoying the little touch of luxury that comes with using a “proper” cleanser, the fact that I’m not seeing any difference in my skin makes me suspect I’ll probably be too cheap to spring for  a new bottle when it runs out.


Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

 KNOW. I’m WAY late to the bandwagon here. The fact is, I sometimes think I might secretly be a hipster, because when people keep on and on and on talking about some TV show, or movie, or whatever, it makes me not want to see it. It’s like that thing when your friend keeps gushing about this NEW friend they’ve met, and OMG, you’re just going to LOVE them, because they’re the BEST, and wait until you hear this hilarious story about New Friend! And all you can think is, “God, I HATE New Friend. Stop talking about him already.” (Er, that’s totally just me, isn’t it?) For me and Terry, Game of Thrones fell into this category. People kept on talking about how awesome it was, and that made us automatically hate it – especially when they all kept banging on about what “geeks” they were for watching it. Nothing annoys me more than people claiming to be “geeks” because they watch mainstream TV shows, seriously. “We will never watch Game of Thrones,” we told each other smugly. “Because if we do, we’ll turn into people who are always talking about Game of Thrones, and we hate that!” Fast-forward to one Friday night a couple of weeks ago, when we collapsed in front of the TV, Terry hit the “play” button on the remote, and…

“Is this Game of Thrones?” I asked suspiciously, as the title music started up.

“It is,” said Terry, looking shifty. I thought we should give it a chance, see what all the fuss is about. We’ll watch three episodes, and if it’s rubbish, we’ll never watch it again.”

Well, two seasons later, and now we are those people who are always talking about Game of Thrones, which, we discovered, is actually as good as everyone said it was. (Other than the bits when there are beheadings. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a beheading…)


Boden Holland Park Coat

Coats, mostly.

ell, OK, I only bought two coats, but that’s two more than I normally buy at this time of year, so it’s been a bit of a coat-fest for me.  In my defence, the Boden coat above is a lightweight one, which is actually supposed to be worn around about now, but I also won an actual winter coat on eBay this week too (for the grand sum of £11), which a little bit less seasonally-appropriate. I’d like to say this is just an example of me being thrifty (I’ve always thought summer was the best time to buy winter coats, because you can normally find them waaay cheaper), but actually, I bought it because the weather has been so unremittingly awful lately I figured there was no point in buying the usual selection of dresses and skirts, when it’s rarely ever warm enough to wear them. I’m hoping Sod’s Law will dictate that my purchase of a winter coat should herald the start of a glorious summer, but… I’m not getting my hopes up.

And if it doesn’t, well, at least I’ll be warm…





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  • Selina
    June 4, 2014

    I recommend coconut oil to moistorise after the olive oil cleanse, it’s rich in nutrients for your skin

  • char
    June 4, 2014

    Ooh, I have dismissed that coat on the website a couple of times as it doesn’t look that great in the photos but as it looks so fab in your picture I may have to reconsider it.
    I have to admit being the same about mainstreamy-popular TV stuff. I got rid of my TV so I never watch things at the first time they come out anyway, but things like Breaking Bad and GoT are ones which I’ve never got into despite the hype, partly because of the hype I think. I’m sure they’re good, but I’m like “nah, not things everyone likes!”

    • Amber
      June 4, 2014

      I rarely watch things when they come out either, but I think it’s better that way – when I finally got into Breaking Bad, I got to binge watch the whole thing without having to wait for episodes to come out, but with game of Thrones we’re soon going to catch up to the current episodes and I know I’m going to hate only being able to watch one at a time! (Same with Mad Men – it kills me that I have to wait until next year to get the next series!)

  • What Lou Wore 365
    June 4, 2014

    My husband loves GOT so I normally get Monday nights to myself for a bath/book etc. Best to leave the room anyway as I get told off if I talk! The music in the opening credits is superb though, I normally stay for that 🙂

  • iasmin
    June 4, 2014

    Loving this new series! I hope you remember to do it next month ^-^ (idk if I’m biased, I love everything you post haha)

    • Amber
      June 4, 2014

      Oh, thanks! I never really know whether people will like new features or not, so it’s good to know you enjoyed it – I’ll do my best to remember to keep it up 🙂

  • fashionandstylepolice
    June 4, 2014

    Love the coat. Hate Game of Thrones.

  • Marie
    June 4, 2014

    I may have missed this elsewhere on your site, but if not, would you be able to share your olive oil routine with us, Amber? My skin is very sensitive and hates soap, cleansers and even water. I would love to try cleansing with olive oil.

    • Amber
      June 4, 2014

      I wouldn’t say I have a routine as such – I literally just use it the same way you would use a cleaner or soap: I just apply a small amount of it on my skin, massage it in, then wipe it off with a face cloth. With that said, I’m quite probably doing it wrong – it leaves my skin feeling nice and soft, though, and I rarely get breakouts, so I’ve been quite happy with it! I don’t use it all the time, though, just when I don’t have anything else to try!

      • Marie
        June 5, 2014

        That sounds nice and simple! Thanks for sharing, Amber. 🙂

  • maria
    June 4, 2014

    I really like this kind of round-up posts, I think people will be enjoying it!
    I’ve never watched GoT, I mean I’m pretty sure it’s great and entertaining, but there is too much violence for me; basically everyone dies horribly from what I gather, and I’m not really into gore, no matter how historically appropriate. But I think I’ll be reading the books one of these days (months)…

    • Amber
      June 4, 2014

      I don’t like gore either, so I found it quite hard to get past the level of violence in the first few episodes… I still find it pretty disturbing, but I became interested enough in the story to put up with it: I have to look away from the screen fairly often, though!

  • Rose Keats
    June 4, 2014

    I was totally the same about GOT for ages (and yes, totally agree about the ‘new friend’ thing!) but I’ve been suckered in and am definitely one of those people who talks about it all the time now!

  • Miriam
    June 4, 2014

    Olive oil as a face cleanser? I’m intrigued! It seems so wrong somehow, I feel like the oil would act like a fertilizer for break-outs – but I guess it doesn’t?
    I still get zits despite being in my 30s (how annoying!), so maybe I should give good old olive oil a try. Thanks for mentioning it!

    • Amber
      June 4, 2014

      It doesn’t for me, but that could just be luck, I guess!

  • Liz
    June 4, 2014

    Absolutely love that coat and Boden in general. They are like J.Crew with a British vintage twist. I like Game of Thrones my husband got me to watch it. I do need to ask a lot of questions though because the plot can get so complicated so that kind of takes some of the fun out of it for me.


    • Amber
      June 4, 2014

      Haha, yes! I have to constantly pause it to work out what the hell’s going on!

  • Secret little Stars
    June 4, 2014

    Isn’t it insane that we are looking and buying coats in May? 🙂
    Loving the post and the coat! x

    Tatyana x
    Secret little Stars

  • Very Veronique
    June 5, 2014

    I tried watching Game of Thrones but just couldn’t get into it ( also the portrayal of women is so degrading. I understand why but it doesn’t tempt me to continue watching. I’ve heard Vikings is supposed to be similar but better so I might give that a try). I love that Boden coat! It’s gorgeous, are you planning an outfit post with it soon? Can’t wait to see it on

  • Erika
    June 5, 2014

    I used to try and do an end of the month ‘review’ type post, I really like them, but then started to forget, oops. I’m happy to read yours though. I’ve never tried the olive oil as face wash, but absolutely love coconut oil as a moisturizer after I wash my face, so easy and so cheap. I have also read a lot about using honey as a face wash and want to try that out also. Makes it so nice when the best cleansers are the cheapest ones. 🙂

    I don’t think I could attempt to read the ipad while running, even with the little magazine holder. Trying to ‘turn’ pages would make me drop it for sure. I’ll stick with watching ‘What Not to Wear’ on Netflix, although, my headphone wire has come seriously close to pulling the ipad off a time or two.

  • Tess
    June 6, 2014

    Hi! Amber. Was it a jumper in the photo which you shot the book? Could you please style it?

    • Amber
      June 6, 2014

      I think it was actually a cardigan: I don’t have any plans to style it, I’m afraid, it’s just something I was wearing around the house 🙂

      • Tess
        June 6, 2014

        Hahaha! The color matched perfectly.

  • Corinne
    June 9, 2014

    I’m DYING to watch Game of Thrones. I’m putting it off as long as possible though so I can have a massive binge fest when I have a week of work and watch it all at once!

    I’ve been warned it’s too additive to try one episode/season at a time!

    Corinne x

  • Corran
    June 10, 2014

    I love, love ,LOVE that Boden coats, its gorgeous!!
    Game of Thrones is also amazing, I initially didn’t want to watch it either.

    I’m holding a giveaway for some amazing shoes on my blog, i’d love it if you checked them out 🙂


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