coffee and cake

Morning Coffee | The Return

coffee and cake

Hey, remember when I used to do a ‘Morning Coffee‘ post every Saturday morning?

Every post was called “Morning Coffee: The One With the…”, and it was basically supposed to be a little bit like sitting down and having a coffee with friends, chatting about anything and everything on your mind. I even used to write those posts on the very morning they were published – which is pretty much unheard of these days. I’m so used to preparing my posts days in advance, and scheduling all of the social media around them etc that sometimes it’s even a surprise to ME to see what goes up some days, so it makes for a nice change to do some ‘old skool’ blogging, and just sit down and TYPE. Nice for me, I mean: it’s possibly NOT quite so nice for you, obviously, because this is essentially just one giant brain dump, but, well, just humour me, OK?

autumn leavesAnyway, the resurrection of this column was partly inspired by an ACTUAL morning coffee which Terry and I had during the week. During the spring/summer we’re pretty good at getting out of the house on a regular basis, and going for days out, or even just random strolls. Once autumn rolls around, though, we’re in serious danger of becoming total hermits: I HATE the cold, and I also find it really hard to motivate myself when it’s dark and gloomy outside, so it’s just way too easy to just go from bed to desk and back again, and then rinse and repeat. Which is pretty depressing, really, isn’t it?

Well, in a bid to change that, I decided we should at least make the effort to go out for coffee or something once a week – or however often we can manage it. I mean, we’re so fortunate that working from home allows us to do things like that, and we really don’t take advantage of it – or not during the colder months of the year, anyway. This winter, though, we’re doing our best to change that: I can’t promise we’ll stick to it but I hereby pledge to at least TRY to get out of the house once a week – and when the nearest coffee shop makes chocolate cake as good as the one in the photo, it’s not exactly a hardship, is it? Other than on my waistband, I mean.

mmm chocolate cakeSpeaking of getting out of the house: earlier this year, we went on a day trip to Millport, on the island of Great Cumbrae, and I filmed a little video on my GoPro, which I had every intention of editing, and then uploading to my sadly neglected You Tube channel. Well, needless to say, I never did get around to that: mostly because video editing has so far proven to be one of those skills that completely eludes me, and when I see other people posting daily vlogs, or whatever, I feel the same way I do whenever someone tells me they’ve just signed up to run a marathon: i.e. IMPRESSED, but also, can I please go and lie down now? Because I’m exhausted just from THINKING about this stuff, seriously.

I had basically accepted that video was never going to be my “thing” (and it still isn’t, by the way, just in case you were thinking this was going to be in any way interesting…), but then a few weeks ago, I bought a MacBook, which has iMovie on it, and lo and behold, suddenly it was as if the fog had lifted, and I was able to edit videos without it taking approximately the rest of my natural life. Imagine a choir of angels singing as you read this, please.

I’m still not able to edit videos particularly WELL, needless to say (although that’s partly due to the shockingly bad footage I managed to film on this particular occasion. What was I THINKING?), but there’s something about these videos that really appeals to me: it’s nice to have a collection of little moments from a day like this, don’t you think? And I mean, yeah, I know, I already have that in the form of the blog post I wrote about it, but I think video adds just a little something extra sometimes, so you’ll find the (very short) Millport video below, and if you want to see more, you can subscribe to my You Tube channel here, and I’ll do my very best to remember to upload something to it once in a while, rather than just doing a video every six months, and then forgetting about it again, like I usually do.

(I’m still hurting over that missing memory card, by the way. It’s been over six months now, and the pain is still as fresh as the day it happened. I expect I’ll carry it with me forever, and when they eventually burry me, my gravestone will say, “Here lies Amber: she never did find that memory card.” True story, folks.)

How was your week?

  • That cake looks awesome!

    October 15, 2016
  • Erin


    Good job with the video! Those things are a mystery to me 😉

    October 15, 2016
  • Yay for the return of the morning coffee posts. The line for your gravestone made me laugh really hard, because it’s so true. I really hope it turns up some day so we can all rest easy again 😀

    October 15, 2016
  • D. Johnson


    I loved your video simply for the fact that it made me feel as if I had taken a mini-vacation. Those fries with gravy look like something we have here called “poutin.” Too many calories for me, but I guess frigid climates create hearty foods. I am also posting more videos but they are VERY primitive. The editing will get easier with practice. Maybe that could be a winter time project.

    October 16, 2016
  • I love Millport and am still to finish a big cycle around the island. Unfortunately the first time I did it I went flying over the handlebars and broke my collarbone. The man in the bicycle hire shop did say that every day a cycler had an accident, but I didn’t expect him to mean me!

    This is my first autumn ‘back’ in Scotland and I have to say I’m enjoying it with all the lovely leaves, smells and colours. I’m near a canal so it’s a treat to jump on my bike and head to one of ‘my’ coffee bars. Though I perhaps will do it less as the days get shorter.

    October 17, 2016
  • I genuinley don’t remember Morning Coffee posts and I’ve been reading your blog for 5 years or more! Shame on me.

    October 17, 2016