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Llamas, horses and cupcakes – it’s kind of an odd combination, I’ll give you that, but it actually made for a pretty fun afternoon, so that’s the main thing, huh?

These photos are from last Friday, also known as “the day the car was finally back in action after its breakdown”.  We didn’t want to risk taking it too far, just in case it was only pretending to be fixed, so we abandoned our plans for a longer day trip, and headed to Muiravonside Country Park instead – mostly, it has to be said, because the park is also home to Newparks Farm, where you can get up close to the aforementioned llamas, horses, and a bunch of other animals. I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s aimed at kids, but I’ll never miss an opportunity to pet an animal, so off we went.

This is Hamish the horse:

Hamish the horse at Newparks Farm

Er, Hamish is the one on the right, obviously. My mouth is open because I was talking to him. He made more sense than some people I’ve spoken to, seriously.

Here is a llama:

Larry the Llama

It’s either Larry, Toffee or Fudge. I think it’s Larry, though: don’t you think he looks like a Larry?

Once we’d visited the various animals, we had a walk through the park itself, which has some stunning scenery, including views of the Avon Aqueduct, which you can climb up to:

Muiravonside Park - Avon Aqueduct

We didn’t, though. Well, we’ve done it before, and there’s about a millionty-one steps going up to it, so instead we got back in the car and headed for the Cupcake Cafe, which I’ve mentioned before, but which I never, ever get tired of, because I just want to eat everything in it.

cupcakes from the Cupcake Cafe

Mine was the Turkish Delight cake on the left, which had chocolate dotted through the sponge: Terry, meanwhile, went for the Caramac cake, which had caramel inside it. It was a tough choice, though: we’ll have to go back soon so we can continue working our way through the selection.

And so ended a lovely afternoon in the sun, and what will hopefully be the first of many adventures this year!

WEARING: Collectif sweater; Dorothy Perkins polka dot trousers; sunglasses c/o Unique Vintage

  1. Got to love a good adventure, and there is no problem going to animal parks aimed at children. On Saturday, myself, my family and few of our friends (late 20s upwards) are heading to an animal park on the Isle of Wight to pet the animals, feed the ducks and eat cake! Sounds perfect!
    Important point to note: there are no children in the group going to the animal park, just adults 😀

    1. Haha, sounds totally reasonable to me! When we were on holiday a few years ago I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to persuade my family to go to a petting zoo – all of the photos of it featured toddlers with the animals, but if adults can’t enjoy petting animals too, I just don’t want to be one! (We didn’t go in the end: I’ll be back, though 😉 )

  2. I knew that was a Collectif jumper the moment I saw it! Very nice indeed. I really, REALLY want to go to that cupcake cafe. Those cakes look like heaven… I too, will never miss a chance to pet an animal or eat a cake 😉

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