Nigel! Man of Mystery! SIGHTED!

OK, I have to come clean here: the sighting of Nigel, the International Man of Mystery Next Door  referenced in this entry actually happened AN ENTIRE WEEK AGO. A whole week ago, and I didn’t even tell you. I hold my head in shame, people, I really do. Anyway, because I know you all care deeply about the issue, and also because Terry and I have been watching a lot of old episodes of Spooks recently, which has freaked me out afresh, here it is…

Last week, after almost a year – A YEAR – without being seen, Nigel TIMOMND appeared briefly at the house, and when I say “briefly” I mean “he walked in, got his mail, slammed around inside the house for five minutes (probably searching for bugs) and then disappeared again”. The day before, however, we’d been visited by yet another “heavy” in a suit, who asked a lot of questions about the whereabouts of our Man of Mystery and then muttered something about Nigel falling behind on his car finance. Not  24 hours later, the IMOM paid his first visit in a year. I suspect the two events are not unconnected, but then I also suspect Nigel is totally working for M15 or something, and now that I’ve written that I’ll probably be picked up by the Spooks, tortured and then killed. For real.

If you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know what happened. Well, you probably won’t actually, because They’ll track you down to and interrogate you about What You Know. Yeah, I should stop watching Spooks…

  • !!!!

    Is it sad that I really AM following this mystery man’s story with great anticipation?


    (Perhaps I, too, watch far too many crime shows 😉

    February 25, 2007
  • Hey Red,

    Oooh the intrigue! I reckon he’s an international Hitman. That said, if he was none of these heavies would actually be alive to be asking questions so maybe not…

    February 25, 2007
  • Mindy


    Your mission, should you decide to chose it, is to take a picture of this guy and post it on the internet. Good luck.

    February 26, 2007