Oh look, it’s another stripe dress. And it’s green.

So, the Dorothy Perkins dress arrived. Arrived, and, sadly, is going right back to where it came from, because while it IS a lovely dress, and I really, really wanted to like it, it just wasn’t a great fit.

Those of you who’ve been paying attention to my shopping rambles will recall that I’d hoped the dress would be longer on me than it was on the model. Surprisingly, no, it wasn’t – in fact, it was exactly the SAME length on me as it was on the model, and although I could’ve lived with that, the bodice was weirdly baggy, with giant flaps of fabric at the armholes, and a strange, loose bit in the middle. I could’ve had it altered without too much difficulty, but I have a policy of only buying things I absolutely love (as opposed to things that might just work if I change them completely), which means that unless I try it on and think, “They’ll have to drag this off my cold, dead body,” back it goes.

Despite all of this, I still went back and forth on it for several hours: putting it on, taking it off, asking Terry if he thought it was too short, asking RUBIN if he thought it was worth altering – that kind of thing. Then I saw this:
KAte Spade yard dyed stripe fit and flare dress

And that was that, really. Because if I can’t have THIS striped dress (and I definitely CAN’T, given that its £378, and I have this pesky need to eat EVERY SINGLE DAY, GOD.), then I don’t want any. No other stripe dress will ever be good enough, now that I’ve seen this one. I mean, it’s GREEN, for God’s sake. And it has cute little buttons on the back. It doesn’t get much better than that folks, and I speak as a veteran of many a green and/or striped dress.

Oh, and the Dorothy Perkins one? It had mis-matched striped. You all know how I feel about mis-matched stripes, right?

  • Ooo this dress is awesome! It really is perfect. Too bad about the price tag.

    June 9, 2015
  • Viridiana


    This dress is lovely and I liked the Dorothy Perkins one too but, really, my closet is asking me to stop! And we bought the same boden floral skirt…

    June 10, 2015
  • …on the other hand this Kate Spade dress just MIGHT have huge sleevs. So it’s much better that it’s so expensive. If you won’t buy it, you PROBABLY won’t get disappointed.
    But it indeed is so cute…

    June 10, 2015
  • What a cute dress! Shame about the price…

    June 10, 2015