on being recognised from your blog
  • Emerald


    Crikey! I really hope he doesn’t follow you over here. I was recognised on North Berwick beach by a Facebook friend – or rather my partner was, since she’d seen him on my posts. Not quite the same as being recognised from your blog, plus I had met her a few times before. And I was also recognised when I went out one evening in Glasgow because of my FB art page (the same evening I met Stephen – in fact, if it hadn’t been for that FB page…).

    Hmmm, recognising bloggers. I have to admit I’m more likely to approach someone I “know” rather than tell them afterwards that I saw them. But that’s simply because if I got a message from someone saying they’d seen *me* I’d find it stranger than if they came up at the time. And for the same reason as you – you mean there could be someone who was watching me and didn’t say anything?? But I would totally draw the line if I saw a blogger having lunch with a pal because they could be having a private conversation or a long-awaited catch-up. (And, of course, if I’d been following them and thought the blogger would recognise my name then I’d drop a line afterwards saying I’d spotted them but didn’t want to interrupt.)

    Incidentally, my dad is well-known because of his work. And he is recognised quite often, to the point where strangers have come up and interrupted him in restaurants. I’ve been with him a few times and it can be bloody irritating! He doesn’t feel he can ignore them, plus he is very extroverted. I absolutely get that, but there are times when I think the interrupter should think about the context, ie, this guy could be having dinner with his daughter/son/ etc.

    September 14, 2021