pink Boden coat in the snow

Boden Eliza coat in pink

snowball fight!

Boden Eliza coat and over-the-knee boots

pink coat and over-the-knee boots

Don’t be fooled by these photos, people: I might look like I’m having fun, but by the time these were taken, I was already pretty sick of the snow. I’m even more bored with it now, though, because these shots were taken at the weekend, and the snow is still here. Seriously, that stuff just won’t melt.

There’s not enough of it left to be “pretty” (it’s all been either scraped up, trampled down, or otherwise had its pristine whiteness destroyed), but there IS enough of it left for it to be seriously messing with my outfit choices: I mean, those boots are fine when I just need to go from door to car and back again (and when I want to have a quick snowball fight with my long-suffering photographer, obviously), but they’re not much use if I actually need to walk somewhere!

Still, it IS January, so I guess I can’t complain too much – not that it’s stopped me before, mind you. I think a lot of people think Scotland is permanently like this, but with a couple of notable exceptions (I think people will be talking about the legendary winter of ’11 for as long as I live…), we actually don’t normally get a whole lot of snow, and what we DO get tends not to stick around – there’s just too much rain for it to be snowy for more than a day or so! Because of this, we’re woefully unprepared for it, and this week I’ve basically turned into a hermit: which I guess isn’t so bad – I mean, I still have quite a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars to watch, after all…

Anyway, you’ve seen this coat before (in a post I now look back upon with fond memories of how much warmer it was…), so I guess you can consider this outfit a “remix”. I knew I’d earn my fashion blogger credentials one of these days…

Boden Eliza coat in pink

pink coat and black knee-high boots

WEARING: Pink ‘Eliza’ coat c/o Boden ‘ / River Island over-the-knee boots (old) / Tu at Sainsbury’s dress

  1. You’re lovely as always, but Rubin’s little doggie face in the first picture is really stealing the show. Maybe you need some coordinating dog outfits for your posts. (I’m mostly kidding about the dog outfits. Mostly.)

  2. You are so cute Amber and look so lovely in pink. Did you get to chose the coat or did Boden pick it for you? I’ve always wondered when I see them regramming all the c/o stuff they send out. I guess you picked it as it’s so very “Amber” 🙂

  3. i love the soft pink of the coat and it looks so snuggly. the pink design is lovely but i think that my favourite design is the picture of the green coat with the beige trim. The stles are both simple but look to have a good cut amd movement

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