navy and white stripe boatneck top

OUTFIT | Casual nautical

nautical outfit featuring red trousers and stripe top

Kate Spade nautical bow bag and gold Michael Kors wedges

navy and white stripe boatneck top

This time last week, I broke out the peep toes for the first time this year: yay! This morning I woke up to snow on the window, and now I’m wearing ALL of my clothes simultaneously, in a bid to stay warm: not-so-yay!

OK, so it’s possible I jumped the gun a little with the peep toes, but in my defence, it was a nice day when these were taken, and you have to grab these opportunities while you can. And, look, I’m Scottish: you should all just be grateful I’m not wearing a bikini in these photos, because one stereotype about the Scottish that IS reasonably accurate is that the second the sun comes out, we’re all out in our shorts, even if it’s close to freezing. Terry and I used to live near a slightly dodgy pub, and sometimes I’d walk by it on a sunny-but-cold day, and there’d be a bunch of men hanging around outside with their shirts tied around their waists and their chests bared to the elements, because if the sun’s out, that means it must be warm, yes?

But I digress. I actually bought these shoes to wear on holiday. I know this’ll sound strange to those of you who refuse to believe that non-flat shoes can ever be comfortable, but wedges are actually my favourite shoe style to wear for days when I know I’ll be on my feet a fair bit – as well as being more flattering to my stumpy legs than flats are, they also have much better arch support, and are just generally more comfortable for me. Well, most of the time, anyway: I still bear the scars (not literally) of the three weeks I spent hobbling round Miami a couple of years ago because the wedges I’d packed turned out to have some kind of serious vendetta against feet, so this time I’m making sure I break these in thoroughly. I’m happy to report that their inaugural outing was a success, so let’s just hope they don’t have any surprises planned for the future!

The top, meanwhile, is from H&M: my parents gave me the white version at Christmas, and I liked it so much I immediately bought this stripe version, and also the black one. So, every colour it comes in, basically. Well, you can never have too many boat-necked tops, can you? Exactly.

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WEARING: Boden Bistro crop trousers in red, MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Keegan’ wedges*, H&M top, Kate Spade bag*


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  • Kate


    The lines of your top are unique and they matched perfectly. The nautical stripe tops from the current season of Zara are disappointing. The fitted body ones come in unmatched lines whereas the one matched is loose fit.

    March 30, 2015
  • You always find the best H&M tops! I think the reason I don’t is because I hate shopping in those stores almost as much as I hate shopping in Primarks – you can never find anything and everything is in a jumbled mess on the rails and shelves. I wish their online shop was better… Not only does it have rubbish choice but delivery takes about 5 years. (Ok, 2-3 weeks, but it feels like 5 years in these modern times!)

    March 30, 2015
  • I’m definitely hoping my US H&M has that same top… I know I already have many striped tops, but this one is boatneck and blue and white so it’s ok to buy yet another striped top, right? Right.

    Sucker for Stripes

    March 30, 2015
  • Nellie


    Nice outfit! I just bought my first pair of wedge heels. I wasn’t eager to have any because they looked uncomfortable to walk around in, but I was really surprised at how comfortable they are. I need arch support, so I was happy to read that they do that well, too.

    March 30, 2015
  • Just adore stripes on you (and me haha)! I tried bare legs a few times… Brrrr…

    Tatyana x
    Secret little Stars

    March 30, 2015
  • I agree completely. I don’t understand eschewing heels or wedges when traveling. I don’t wear flats at home, why on earth would I start wearing them in a foreign country?

    March 31, 2015
  • Wedges are my footwear of choice on holiday and in the summer too. I can wear them all day and be comfortable and cool – trainers are too sweaty in hot weather, flip-flops are dangerous for walking too far in, and flat sandals mean your feet are in the dust more. Oo, I haven’t bought any wedges for this summer, off to the Dune outlet on Ebay I go… x

    March 31, 2015
  • They all fit you very well. I love the striped top, it’s simply beautiful. And the hot red of your pants is just my type when I’m happy and love to show it.

    March 31, 2015
  • Love love love the bag. I’m hinting hard for a KS bag for my birthday but I don’t think it will happen. Damn spending ban.

    April 2, 2015
  • love this outfit. The outfit are so awesome and Strips on the tshirt is looking so nice.

    April 21, 2015