trench coat, stripes and red trousers

red trousers and black peep toes

trench coat and stripes

I’m writing this post with warm sunlight flooding through the window, and the sense that spring has finally arrived – for now, at least. 

You can call me a cynic, but I’m pretty sure there are two main reasons for this:

01. Our car is currently being serviced, which means it’s out of action for the next day or so. It figures we’d get amazing spring weather on the one day of the year when we can’t actually go anywhere to make the most of it, doesn’t it? (Yes, we could take the bus/train/whatever. Yes, we’re too lazy to actually do that.)

02. Today I have these outfit photos to show you, which, although they were only taken a few days ago, now seem completely out of place given that the village menfolk are probably walking around bare chested right now, because SUN.

OK, OK… I’m not quite egotistical enough to think I’m totally responsible for changes in the weather, or that spring is just out to spite me now (It totally is, though, and you know it) or something. It’s a shame, though, because I would make an AWESOME Weather Overlord, seriously. (Fun fact: when I was a little girl, I used to think that TV weathermen/women didn’t just report on the weather, but that they got to DICTATE it, too. “WHY HAS HE GIVEN US RAIN AGAIN!” I would wail at the TV. “It’s SO UNFAIR, he must HATE us!” I … still sometimes feel like that, actually.) I know you all think I’d probably just make it warm and sunny all the time, but while you’re mostly right about that, I reckon I WOULD throw in the occasional chillier day, too: partly just to keep you all on your toes, but mostly so I could wear trench coats. Because God knows, I have enough of them, don’t I?

This particular trench is the one I bought when we were on holiday in March (in fact, there’s a photo of me clutching the shopping bag, and smiling a “YAY! NEW TRENCH COAT!” smile in this post...), and it’s certainly earned it’s keep since then: in fact, I’d say I’ve probably worn it at least a couple of times every week since it arrived. That hasn’t, however, stopped me wanting to buy MOAR trench coats, however. I mean, I still want a pink one. And one with a waterfall collar. And last week I saw a woman wearing a navy blue one, and I was all, “Wait: I don’t have a navy blue trench coat! HOW AM I EVEN GETTING THROUGH LIFE?!”

In other news, this outfit may have been suitable for the weather, but unfortunately it didn’t stay looking like this for long, because while I was wearing it, I decided to eat a chocolate egg that was left over from Easter. And, guys, I sat on that egg: or on a part of it, anyway. When I stood up, I had chocolate all over my butt AND all over my sweater, which… HOW? How do I do these things to myself? The trousers were fine: the sweater, however, still has a giant stain which didn’t come out in the wash. I’m just about to tackle it with the stain remover, so pray for that sweater, everyone. Don’t worry about it TOO much, though, because I kind of sort of maybe already have a backup in stock. Well, it’s good to be prepared, isn’t it?

trench coat, stripe sweater and red trousers

Wearing: Zara trench, Petit Bateau sweater, Lindy Bop trousers, Studio TMLS peep toes*

  1. Lovely outfit, Amber. Might be tempted to buy those Lindy Bop cigarette pants. They’re just the style I like. I do prefer side zips for a much smoother fit. I have some from the high street but are not really high enough on the waist and also they sag a little after a while. Yuk! Could you tell me if they are true to size please? Thank you. Hope they escaped the chocolate!

  2. I love the British weather, it’s so nuts. We had a glorious few days down here last week – it reached 27 degrees on Saturday and Sunday but today it’s wet and everyone is saying “summers over”. Ha! It’s still really warm though so it’s that pleasant rain where you still wear spring clothes and have the windows open.

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