floral jacquard midi skirt with pink shoes

purple floral midi skirt and matching sweater

Office pink suede 'Hey Girl' pumps

H&M purple floral jacquard skirtWhat do you do when you find a photo backdrop that perfectly matches your outfit?

You take about a million photos of it, obviously… and then maybe a few more for luck. Well, would you expect any less of me?

This outfit features the second of two H&M skirts I’ve bought this year so far: I showed you the first one back in this post, and… yeah, I really like matching my outfits to my surroundings, huh?

Actually, this particular skirt was an accidental purchase: no, really! So, you know how H&M offer a ‘pay by invoice’ service, which means you can order from the website without having to part with any cash up front? (Er, if you didn’t know that, then, yes, they do: basically you place your order, they send it out, and then you get an invoice in the mail a few weeks later. I find it really handy, because H&M’s sizing is notoriously erratic, so it allows you to order more than one size, say, and only pay for whichever one you decide to keep – a bit like the Paypal Pay After Delivery service I’m always banging on about.) Well, I love that service, but, on this occasion, it was my undoing. See, I’d been trying to talk myself out of buying this skirt for a couple of weeks. I knew I loved it, but I also knew I’d JUST bought one H&M skirt that month, and even I figured it would be a bit much to buy two of the things, no matter how pretty, and floral, and gloriously be-pocketed they were. So, I left the skirt sitting in my online basket while I fought this internal battle with myself, and then, one day, I decided I needed to buy a fitted sheet for our bed, and I needed to buy it RIGHTTHATVERYSECOND.

Yes, a fitted sheet was to blame for this skirt purchase: you couldn’t make this up, could you?

(Actually, you probably could: you just wouldn’t necessarily want to, because, honestly, this story was a lot more interesting when it was just inside my head…)

Anyway, the bedlinen this fitted sheet was to go with just-so-happened to have been purchased from H&M, so I quickly jumped online, pulled up the website, found the sheet I wanted, and hit the “buy now” button… completely forgetting about the purple skirt that was already in my basket at the time. Now, with any other website, this wouldn’t have happened, because I’d have had to go through a whole checkout procedure, and given my card details etc, but, this being H&M, as soon as I hit “complete purchase,” the order was placed – skirt and all. No, I really WASN’T paying much attention to this process – I hold my hand up in shame.

Of course, I realised what I’d done within seconds of placing the order, but by then it was too late to cancel it, so I dithered a bit, and then told myself I’d just return the skirt when it arrived.

Well, you can see how THAT worked out, huh?  I mean, AS IF I was going to send back this bad boy – especially when I realised how well it worked with the shoes and sweater shown in the photos. I’m not made of steel, people!

And that’s the fascinating story of how I came to purchase two new skirts within just a few days of each other. It’s also the story of how I came to ask Terry to enable some kind of parental lock on the H&M website: I obviously can’t be trusted to use it responsibly, can I?


H&M purple floral jacquard midi skirt

Office ‘Hey Girl’ bow pumps

Demylee ‘Gemma’ sweater*

  1. Great idea of having a parental lock for shopping sites! This is a glorious Spring outfit! LOVE the shoes!

  2. Now that is one well coordinated outfit! It looks great on you and very late-Springy. H&M do house stuff? I didn’t even know.

  3. Well, thank goodness for happy accidents! The skirt looks just lovely on you 🙂
    and bonus points for using the word “dithered” 😀 😀 😀 😀

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