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OUTFIT | White dress, denim jacket, high heels

white dress with denim jacket, red shoes and red belt

red gingham peep toe shoes

Linlithgow Palace, Scotland

taking photos of the swans at Linlithgow Palace

signets in Linlithgow Loch, Scotland

white dress with denim jacket

This dress was one of my favourite purchases of the summer, so I was really happy to have another opportunity to wear it last week.

This time around, I chose to style the dress in the classic red, white and blue style I love so much. I honestly don’t think you can ever really go too far wrong with this particular colour combination: or, at least, I really hope not, because I wear it aaaaaallll the time, and I don’t really have any intention of stopping.

These photos were taken on yet another beautiful summer’s day, at Linlithgow Loch. I have a funny feeling that one day when I’m old and forgetful, I’ll look back on this blog and be all, “Wow, the summer of ’16 was a good ‘un!” Of course, it wasn’t, really: it was mostly wet and rainy, but those aren’t the days you want to photograph, so they’re not the ones you tend to remember, either. Hey, I wonder if that’s why older people are always telling you how the summers were so much BETTER in their day? Maybe they’re just remembering the good days, and forgetting all of the times it rained, and they were stuck indoors, listening to the rain drum against the windows, and wondering if they should have another cup of tea? Maybe.

Actually, though, I think this summer HAS been a pretty good ‘un, all things considered: rainy days and all. And now here we are, on the last day of August, wondering where on earth the year has gone, and feeling ever so slightly freaked out by just how fast it’s flown. Let’s just hope September has some sunshine left in store for us…

white dress at Linlithgow Loch

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ASOS dress

Head Over Heels red gingham Shoes

H&M denim jacket

Michael Kors Selma Stud bag via Shopbop*


How to walk in high heels

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  • Anna nuttall
    August 31, 2016

    Beautiful dress and I LOVE those shoes. xx

  • Erin
    August 31, 2016

    Shoessssssssss <3 I love the dress as well. I'm a sucker for white clothes even though I usually destroy them on the first wear.

  • Myra Boyle
    September 1, 2016

    I love this outfit, and Linlithgow Loch

  • Lucy Alice
    September 2, 2016

    Stunning outfit and love the shoes.

Beside the Seaside
OUTFIT | White dress, denim jacket, high heels