green PinUp Girl shirt

OUTFIT | It Never Rains in Southern California

retro-inspired casual look

PinUp Girl Couture Laurel top in olive green

retro-inspired casual outfit

On the morning after our trip to Sequoia National Park, we woke up to grey skies, pouring rain, and temperatures not unlike a Scottish summer. Of course, if it actually WAS Scotland, people would’ve been walking around bare-chested in that kind of temperature, and at least one of the tabloids would have the word “SCORCHIO!” on their front page, so I can’t really complain, can I?

This ISN’T Scotland, though (the palm trees kinda give it away, huh?), so the cooler temperatures gave me the opportunity to wear a couple of items purchased on this trip.  The top was my solitary purchase from the PinUp Girl boutique, which I went back to a couple of days after my first, unsuccessful visit to the store. Unfortunately my second visit was only slightly more successful, because while they had a lot of stock, they only had maybe one or two dresses/skirts in each style, which meant that there was literally only a handful of items in the entire store in my size: woe!

This top was one of them, and it’s been on my list for a while now, so it came home with me, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of driving to the store twice, only to come home and have to order from the website, anyway. (And the ‘Amanda’ dress that was top of my list was sold out there too: more woe!) As you can see, the top is super-low cut, so I’m wearing a flesh-coloured cami underneath: despite having a weirdly long torso and totally flat chest, I was also cursed with the kind of shape that means that any kind of V-neck will look borderline obscene on me, so I bought it with the intention of putting a couple of stitches in the neckline – then I decided I just couldn’t wait another second to wear it, so the cami was my best option at the time. I mean, it was either that or a boob job, and the cami was the cheaper of the two, so…

The trousers, meanwhile, were bought at H&M, in one of those “middle of nowhere” malls you find dotted around America. This one was on the road back from Sequoia National Park (so, REALLY in the middle of nowhere: we really just stopped there to break up the journey and stretch our legs, but it would’ve be rude not to at least have a look, no?), and, well, they’re just black trousers, so I’ve no idea why I’ve written even this much about them, but I had one of those, “OMG, I don’t have any black trousers with me!” moments, which, combined with the knowledge that the temperature was forecast to drop the next day, made them seem like a good idea.

Oh, and these photos were taken right around the corner from our rental house, meaning the whole process took us roughly two minutes: even Terry was all, “Wow, imagine how much easier blogging would be if we lived here!” And this was a “cold” day, too! Now I REALLY don’t want to go home…

casual outfit with black trousres and green top

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WEARING: PinUp Girl Couture Lauren top; H&M trousers; New Look shoes

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  • You have such a great smile – great composition on entire photo 🙂 All fits perfectly

    September 23, 2015
  • That is exactly the conversation James and I kept having when we were in Marseille earlier in the year. We were about a 5 minute walk from the most amazing huge park – loads of space and different scenery for photos – and the weather was always glorious and crucially, not remotely breezy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Californian bloggers don’t know how easy they’ve got it!! On that top, by the way, I’m failing to see how anyone could wear that without sewing it up or putting a vest underneath… I think that V would end up somewhere near my bellybutton!

    September 23, 2015
  • Gorgeous photos as usual! Love the black trousers… they’re a really nice shape on you 🙂
    Suzy x

    September 23, 2015
  • Love the outfit, would never have thought of wearing that shade green but looks fab.

    September 23, 2015