mint green closet dress

Michael Kors white Selma stud bag

mint green houndstooth dress
I completely forgot I had this dress.

I’ve no idea how I managed it: I mean, it hangs in plain sight in my closet, and it’s not like I’m never in there, is it? Actually, because I’m still somewhat obsessed with the idea of “minimising” my wardrobe (don’t laugh), I’m probably in there way more often than is really necessary, flicking through the rails, and asking myself if I really NEED another mint green dress.

(The answer is YES, by the way: YES, I ALWAYS need another mint green dress…)

Somehow, though, I managed to forget all about it: which, in some ways, was actually a GOOD thing, because when I finally rediscovered it a couple of weeks ago, it was a bit like getting a brand new dress.  Since then, it’s been one of my new/old favourite things to wear: it’s a stretchy, jersey-like fabric, which makes it really comfortable, and, honestly, I’m not really sure how I’ve been surviving without it all this time. It’s a mystery, for sure.

The dress in question is from last year, and is out of stock, unfortunately (or almost: they do still have it on the website, but in very limited availability): this one, however, is virtually identical, but in a pain colour rather than a print, and this one IS identical, but in black and white. Oh, and I’m currently having to sit on my hands to stop myself ordering the long-sleeved version of that mint one, too. (I know, how am I still typing when I’m sitting on my hands? That’s for me to know and you to never find out…) Seriously, this kind of temptation is just too much for me on a Monday morning.

Speaking of “minimizing” wardrobes, though, last week it was Terry’s birthday, and as he’s lost a bit of weight in recent months, he used the money he was given to basically buy himself a whole new wardrobe. As he was showing me what he’d bought, I complimented him on how well it all worked together. “It’s a capsule wardrobe,” he told me, in all seriousness: I’ve obviously taught him well…

mint green dress with nude shoes and white handbag


Closet dress* ;  Christian Louboutin shoes;  Michael Kors bag* ; Tory Burch Fitbit bracelet & Gucci sunglasses, both via Shopbop

  1. I laughed when I read that Terry got himself a capsule wardrobe… but now I am so curious… are you going to feature it on your blog? Hehehe… another guest appearance by Terry?

      1. I think that would be so funny! A special report on Terry’s capsule wardrobe. I have an odd closet set-up because our house is 150 years old so it’s very deep but narrow. As a result I have 3 rails of clothes but can only see the front row. I try and alternate out during the seasons but every once in a while I will find a gem I didn’t realize I had! Great dress and it looks gorgeous on you 🙂

  2. You and Terry just sound so adorable together!
    I love rediscovering old clothes in my closet. I recently rediscovered a bunch of things because I hadn’t done laundry in so long that I was getting desperate. Curse having to go to a laundromat.

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