black polka dot cigarette pants with pink sweater

OK, I have approximately 4 minutes to write this post before relieving Terry of childcare duties, so three things:

01.  These trousers were sent to me by the kind people at Joanie Clothing, and when I put  them on, it was the first time I’d really felt like myself since before I got pregnant. The power of clothes will never cease to amaze me, so thanks for that, Joanie peeps!

02. Still totally cringed when I looked back at the photos, though. GOD. (I lost another 2 pounds this week, but there’s still a big difference between the person I am in my head and the person I see in the mirror/in photos. That’s possibly because the person I am in my head is Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara, though…)

03. Yeah, I’m wearing pink and black again. I know it probably seems like those are the only colours I wear right now, but they really aren’t, honestly: I mean, I also wear pink and grey a lot, and that’s TOTALLY different, right?

04. I was lying about there being only three things. There will obviously be more than just three things. Seriously, AS IF I’d be able to keep it that short?

05. These photos were taken on the single sunny day this week, sandwiched between two weeks of wintry weather. Like, one day I was out like this, with bare feet in pumps, and the next day? It snowed. Which was just plain WRONG. I mean, snow at Easter is just ALL CAPS WRONG, isn’t it? I think so.

06. Aaaand I really DO have to wind this up now. Happy Monday, everyone!

casual spring outfit


Cigarette trousers c/o Joanie Clothing

H&M sweater


  1. Pink and black (and pink and grey) is such an Amber combination! I love it when you wear it!

    Ironically, it has snowed/iced on Easter before where I live. Which is Texas. ALL WRONG. (Not this year at least.)

  2. So pretty! And pink polka dots! Totally Amber.

    You wear them, and a pink sweater, far better than the model at the Joanie site does, BTW.

  3. Mom told me that due to my red hair, “no red, no pink honey”. I stuck to that most my life and now? My closet is stuffed with pink (and that vibrant orangy red). Gooooo pink!

  4. You look beautiful and the outfit is perfect for spring. You always look so happy in pink (with black, gray, or any other color!)

  5. Lovely outfit.

    At a tangent – as well as the stereotypical blue for boys and pink for girls (which I don’t adhere to) – it also seems, especially in children’s clothing, that stripes are for boys and dots for girls. Have you noticed this? Is it just me that thinks this is weird?

    (This is very tangential and in no way a criticism of your clothing, you are an adult woman and it is completely different. Anyway I like both dots and stripes. The post just reminded me of this.)

  6. I didn’t notice until I saw an article that mentioned it but now I see it everywhere!

    It’s amazing what judgements people make from baby clothes. My daughter’s main outfit for cold weather is a green dinosaur suit (why not dress your baby up while you can!) which I think is unisex, but most people seem to think is for boys? But then they see her shoes (which are purple, the only ones Startrite had in her size at the time) and say “ah I can see she is a girl from her shoes”.

  7. I have started wearing pink and black more often and I reeeeally love it, so thank you for that inspiration!!

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