Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2012 inspired by "girls with pale skin"

I know this is primarily a beauty blog, but if you’re a fellow pale-skinned person, you probably know that finding clothes to flatter your skin tone can be just as difficult as finding make-up (I was recently admonished by a fellow blogger for wearing a cream-coloured dress, which is just Not Done when you’re pale), so I was pleased to read today that Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer collection was apparently made with us pale girls in mind!

The collection’s creator, Marc Jacobs, said the collection was inspired by “pale girls who don’t see the sun”:

“[It evokes] a poetic melancholy. Organzas that recall Death In Veniceand pale girls who don’t see the sun! They [the models in the show] have a cloud-like quality, almost dreamlike. The collection is fragile, but strong at the same time; it’s pretty and a little magical and removed.”

I say I’m “pleased”: Louis Vuitton is out of my budget, sadly, but some of the looks from that show, and other S/S 2012 shows, have already started to filter down to the high street, and I’m loving all of the pastel colours, and the profusion of mint green, which was practically made for us readheads. And isn’t it nice to see pale skin being presented in a positive way for once?

  1. The way pale skin is regarded definitely depends on where you live, here pale skin is considered more attractive and we are bombed with products to bleach skin. Most people have tanned skin but that’s not what’s desired.

  2. I can’t agree more with your sentiments. As a fellow pale – yet not a redhead – it’s GREAT to see the designers are finally accommodating us. *smiles*

  3. Agree totally, although I wouldn’t want to to look “cloudlike and fragile” to be honest. But I can’t understand why the fellow blogger thought you shouldn’t be wearing a cream dress, especially with your fabulous hair. I don’t look that great in cream (very pale skin and blonde hair so it makes me disappear) but in your case they just don’t have an argument. So there.

    1. I think a lot of people seem to think that if you’re pale, you can’t wear pale colours without looking washed out… I look “washed out” whatever I wear, but I actually think paler colours can be more flattering on me than darker ones: black just drains me, for instance, but I do like white and cream. I think it can create quite a dramatic look, too, but hey, not everyone is going to like everything!

  4. If pale people can’t wear cream, we’d all be a bit scuppered when it came to getting married! I wore ivory – and I’ve got super blonde hair to go with the pale skin, so, by those rules I should absolutely avoid wearing anything pale….but dammit, I looked damn good in my ivory gown!

    The only thing I dislike about the LV collection (besides not being able to afford it) is the “don’t see the sun” part. I see the sun, I like being outside – I just wear muchos sun cream to make sure that my pale skin stays that way – pale! Other than that, it’s lovely that pale skin is being presented as something beautiful in high fashion for a change 🙂

  5. It’s funny. I grew up in the UK and dreamed about getting a tan, but couldn’t because I’m such a pale skinned person. Then I moved to Australia where people want to avoid the sun and not get a tan because they are all terrified of cancer. At this distance the UKs obsession with getting a tan just seems odd, and I don’t know if everyone there is just used to it and doesn’t notice but most English celebrities actually look orange!
    It’s hilarious. People here often ask me why all English people look so orange…

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