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Hi, I’m Amber…

… and I guess you could call me a “mummy blogger”.  (Please don’t, though…)

I gave birth to baby Max by elective c-section in December 2017, after one miscarriage, one ectopic pregnancy, and a lifetime’s worth of tokophobia and  anxiety.

I kept a pregnancy diary for every week of my 18-year pregnancy (Or, at least, that’s how long it felt at the time…), and since Max’s birth, I’ve been documenting my journey as a new mum, as well as sharing some of the parenting tips and advice I’ve learned along the way.

From how to wrangle a toddler in a changing room, to how to survive pregnancy with anxiety, and everything in between,  click the link below to follow along as I attempt to figure out parenthood, one blog post at a time…

Pregnancy Diary

A week-by-week look at pregnancy.


Surviving Pregnancy When You Have Tokophobia

Tokophobia is a phobia of pregnancy and/or childbirth, and it’s something I’ve been dealing with for most of my adult life: in fact, one of the reasons I delayed starting a family for so long was the simple fact that I was absolutely terrified of being pregnant, and then having to give birth. I was absolutely convinced I’d die during childbirth – but, even if I didn’t, the thought of having my body taken over for nine whole months – of having morning sickness, and all of the other physical complications that can come with pregnancy – was just absolutely horrific to me.

I’m not alone, either: tokophbia is actually something many women suffer, but very few talk about. I did eventually overcome it, and go on to have a healthy baby boy – and I’ve been sharing my story in the hope that it might help other women in the same position. Here are some of the posts I’ve written on the subject so far:

Surviving the Newborn Stage

It’s called the Fourth Trimester for a reason… Those first few weeks of parenthood can be some of the hardest – as well as the happiest – of your life. Here are some tips to help you survive them…

Newborn Survival Tips

7 quick tips to help you get through the first few weeks of parenthood.

Parenting Tips That Didn't Work

Not all parenting tips work for all parents: here are four that didn’t work for us…

Things That Happen When You're a New Parent

If you’re gently rocking back and forth as you read this, then you’ll know what I mean…

Things I Learned in My 1st Week of Parenting

Who knew there was so much to learn about poop?

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