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When I first started blogging, I used to write totally openly about absolutely everything that happened to me: which, in retrospect, probably wasn’t the best idea, all things considered. These days I still write honestly about my life, but I’ve learned that it’s wise to keep some things private – which is why I started a Patreon Page.

I’ve been described as a fashion blogger, a mummy blogger, a lifestyle blogger, and “a total drama queen,” (That was my husband, btw…). Mostly, though, I’m a storyteller – and over on Patreon, I’m sharing some of the stories I’ve never told before. These are the slightly more personal, possibly-controversial, more in-depth stories that I’ve always hesitated to post on the blog itself, and they’re available exclusively to all Patreon subscribers.

Whichever tier you choose to subscribe to, your support will help keep my blog, Forever Amber, online, and allow me to continue to create free content for my readers right here on the blog: every penny helps, so thank in advance for reading! Click the link below to join the tribe, or scroll down for a preview of the type of content you can expect…

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What really happens at an influencer modelling audtion.

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Finding out about the monster in our midst.

What happens when a Facebook message changes your life.


Sometimes it feels like parenthood is a party I'm not invited to.

A realistic look at parenting, complete with embarrassing photos.

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Complete strangers keep asking to meet up with me, and I'm not OK with that.

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