pink stripe prom skirt with black sweater and tights

Topshop petite stripe prom skirt

winter outfit: pink stripe skirt, black sweater, tights and boots

Well, this is embarrassing, isn’t it? 

I mean, first I say I’m not going to buy any clothes I deem to be “non-essential” for the duration of January. (REALLY glad I didn’t actually define that one, now: with a good enough lawyer, I might just be able to wiggle out of this on some kind of technicality…). THEN I say I don’t need any more stripes in my closet, and that I’m therefore not going to buy any: I mean, for God’s sake, Amber, what were you THINKING?

And what do I do after that, people? Why I run right out and buy a brand-new stripe satin skirt of course. Which, just to add insult to injury, I proceeded to wear IN THE SNOW. With stilettos. Well, I guess it’s a good job none of you read this blog because it’s such a great example of how NOT to buy too many skirts, do you?

Nevertheless, I do feel the need to defend myself a bit, so the first piece of evidence I’d like to submit for the defence is the fact that this skirt was £20 in the Topshop sale. Er, that’s also the LAST piece of evidence I’d like to submit, actually, because TWENTY POUNDS, PEOPLE. I mean, I’m not made of stone, am I? Honestly, the biggest surprise here is that I managed to hold out this long, because I’ve been admiring this skirt ever since it was released, but I didn’t actually buy it until last week, when I happened to stumble upon the very last one available on the Topshop website.

The skirt in question was in my size, and did I mention it was £20? And the last one left? It would take a stronger woman than me (It wouldn’t be hard to be stronger than me when it comes to stripe skirts, obviously, but even so…) to resist that, so I ordered it, then proceeded to worry it wouldn’t fit properly, because although it was my dress (skirt) size, it was also from the petite section. I buy tops and outerwear from the petites section, but at 5’4″, I’m just a little bit too tall to be able to get away with skirts or trousers from there, so I was worried this would be far too short, and would have to go back. As it turned out, though, it hits just above my knee, but when I looked back at Topshop’s photos of it, I noticed that it’s the same length on the model, so I suspect that when they say “midi skirt” they mean “not really a midi skirt”, as some retailers do.

Anyway, although the length is a bit shorter than I usually wear, I really like it – and I DID say I was going to be on the lookout for slightly shorter skirts, didn’t I? Yes I did, and that’s the second piece of evidence I’d like to submit, as proof that this purchase was not quite as reckless as you might think. The third piece of evidence? Well it’s pink, isn’t it? All of my other stripe skirts are white: the defence rests.

(Oh yeah, and needless to say, I didn’t actually wear it in the snow for any length of time: I just took ruthless advantage of the snowy backdrop to take a photo outside for the first time this year. I knew the snow had to be good for something…)

Topshop pink satin prom skirt

Topshop skirt   Vero Moda sweater    Buffalo shoe boots*

  1. Well, I find you not guilty. The skirt is just too pretty for anyone to resist. Blame the skirt. I never realised how changing the colour of stripes makes the whole look completely different. And for a £20? Good for you, I say 🙂

  2. Not guilty *bangs gavel*. For £20 it would have been madness to turn it down plus it was the last one in your size and meets your New Year style resolution of shorter skirts – it was like the Fashion Gods put it there just for you!

  3. Well, now, I’m in a pickle! Because if I find you guilty, then I’d have to throw myself on your mercy for the THREE new items I purchased this week despite my declaration of a shopping freeze until March 1st! So obviously, you’re totally NOT GUILTY 🙂 Some purchases are just meant to be…and do you have any tips for getting over my love of all things Dorothy Perkins??? I discovered her on my trip to London last year and the UPS man is now asking me if I have a friend in the UK by the name of Dorothy lol 🙂

  4. I’ve literally just broken my vow and bought some sale items from New Look online but at £16, a pair of black glitter ankle boots which replaces all of those heels I just can’t wear, must be a bargain. Plus a burnt orange kimono jacket for £3 is just rude not to, I live in those for half the year

  5. I’ve been so busy lately there’s been no time to read blogs at all, Bloglovin tells me I have 125 unread posts. ARGH! So I didn’t even know you had snow or had sworn off stripes / new clothes. Therefore you are not guilty in my eyes – other than of finding gorgeous BARGAINS! Jealous much.

  6. You and Terry are so brave taking photos outside, looking at these photos all I can think about is how cold it must be!
    It was 35C where I am today and honestly I think I would rather trade places – although not sure what would be worse, taking photos when it’s freezing, or when its so hot you’re melting and makeup is sliding off ones face…tough call. I do LOVE the snowy backdrop though!

    Deco Darling

  7. Now then, if you didn’t have anything to wear with said skirt, you’d be guilty. But I haven’t been reading your blog for very long, and I already know you’ve got tons of great outfits to be made! I’ve never been much for stripes, but for some reason, they’re on my mind for 2016! Super cute skirt! Good thing you got the last one or I’d be on it…not really you’re a little smaller than me, and I can’t shop online to save my life. (I have to be able to take things back…like Nordstrom.)

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