full polka dot skirt and over-the-knee boots

stiletto boots and midi skirt

full skirt and tall boots

sunglasses and scarf

The last time I showed you this skirt was in the sunshine, so I guess it’s only right that I show you it again in the snow! See: such a versatile skirt!

Needless to say, although the temperature was tolerable enough to spend a couple of minutes getting these photos, I’m not quite stupid enough to walk around all day without a coat (or to walk in snow in those boots, for that matter: I jumped straight into the car right after these were taken), so my Collectif ‘Annabelle’ coat was added once Terry stopped clicking.

This skirt is actually one of the pieces I was thinking of when I bought that coat: it’s made from a really thick, scuba fabric, which gives it lots of wonderful volume, but makes it a little bit tricky to cram under a coat, so as much as I love it, I think this is the first time I’ve worn it since that last post. It fits perfectly under my ‘Princess’ coat, though, so I’m looking forward to getting a lot more use out of it – and all of those other neglected items – in the future.

Gotta admit, I’m still very much looking forward to spring, though…

me and Rubin

Wearing: Topshop skirt (2014, but there’s a check version available now which I also love!), Topshop boots (old), H&M scarf, House of Harlow sunglasses

  1. The shape of this skirt is what makes it – scuba fabric being used for what it was made for, surely?! I love the check version too. Oh, now I really want it! I also want heeled black knee-length boots. Essentially, I want your wardrobe!

  2. Well you look fab, as always, but I’m afraid to say that I think that Rubin is the star of the show in these pics! He’s always totally adorable but he looks extra super cute today.

  3. Love this outfit! I was happy to see that Topshop has free shipping to the US. Thanks for the perfect winter outfit inspiration, and I always enjoy photos of Rubin. His cute little personality shines through in the pictures 🙂

  4. Hi Amber, I love the last picture with Rubin in – look like he floating in mid air. It keep threating to snow down here in the south-east but so far nothing *phew* thank god!
    Have a great day. xx

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