monochrome stripes and red shoes

stripe pencil skirt and red shoes

red shoes and striped skirt

[Skirt: Robert Rodriguez *  | Shoes: Zara (2010) | Top: ancient, no idea | Clutch: New Look | Sunglasses: House of Harlow]

So, we’re in the car, just driving along, when suddenly Terry pulls up next to a derelict industrial site.

“Let’s take photos here!” says Terry.

“No,” says I.

“But it’ll be really cool,” says Terry. “It’ll look all post-apocalyptic and awesome: the juxtaposition of fashion and decay! Or something.”

“No,” says I, “It’ll look like I’m tripping around a derelict building site in stilettos: the juxtaposition of style blogging and stupidity. Which actually describes my blog pretty well, now I come to think of it.”

“It’s abandoned,” says Terry. “There won’t be any Others there to stare at us.”

And that’s how I came to find myself tripping around a derelict building site in stilettos. And also how I came to climb a steep, muddy hill in those same stilettos to get to it, because honestly, there’s not much I won’t do to escape The Others. Also, I’ve long been claiming that anything other people can do in flats, I can do in heels, and I’d hate to have to contradict myself at this late stage.

So my belt is crooked in some of these, I got building-site dust on my skirt and I was holding my clutch bag upside down at least part of the time, but at least it’s not another country road, hey? “You look like you’re walking away from the building after setting the explosives,” Terry commented when he looked at the last one. Which is certainly ONE way to look at it, I guess…

Monochrome stripes


  1. My photographer bf has the same vision when it comes to outfit posts, and I started embracing it 🙂 Your outfit looks very good in the setting, so I think it was a wise choice after all.

  2. Juxtaposition or contradiction, it’s all about life anyway, or? I love your outfit Amber, and love your blog too. You look just terrific in this skirt!

  3. I saw the title first thing this morning and my sleep addled thought was, “does that mean polka dots?” Because, in my head, the apocalypse will turn striped into polka dots.

    And you look fabulous, of course. Your hair has gotten so long! Your sweater makes me wish I hoarded some of mine tops from 10 years ago to wear with high-waisted skirts. I’m a bit on the stout side and the extra layer of tucking a top does me no good.

  4. You look very “International Woman of Mystery” in that last picture. Like you’ve just left the villain (or hero) tied up in the building you just set the explosives in.

  5. You look brilliant! I love that skirt. Seeing as you’ve raised the point of the apocalypse (and people in apocalypse movies seem to wear the same outfit throughout) what outfit would you choose to survive the apocalypse in?

    1. I think I’d probably be too busy crying to care, but I’m guessing it would either be green, or it would contain polka dots or stripes of some description!

  6. hahaha Laughed so much with your post. Terry was right! It’s a really nice place to take pictures, and I like the juxtaposition. Also agree about the comment on the last photo!
    Fantastic outfit as always. Loved your striped skirt!
    I hate when people stare at me when taking outfit photos so I’d do almost anything too to avoid them. Usually trying to find places where there’s no one around.

  7. I love that last one it does have a very Movie Assassin type feel to it, like I’m blowing this building up, and there’s totally someone in there, but look I look fabulous.
    I live in a terribly small town an the others always stare at me when taking photos too. There have been many others that have been photoshopped out of my images. But the worse ones are the “friendly chatty” others that always feel the need to ask “hey whatcha doin?”

    1. It will never cease to amaze me how strangely people react to the sight of a camera. Even when we take photos in really touristy places (like Disney, say, when I’m not even “posing”, just standing there grinning like any other tourist), people will stop and stare as if they’ve never seen the amazing picture-making box before: bless their hearts 🙂

  8. The photos turned out great, Amber.

    Guess what, I cracked and purchased a petticoat. I thought I should tell you as I am sure you are one of the only people that will appreciate this! Ha.

    Enjoy your bank holiday weekend.

    Corinne x

    1. Just wanted to say thanks for the comment! You are one of the inspirations for my blogging so it kind of made me grin a little bit (a lot) /fangirlmode.

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