Quick Change (Or ‘When Outfits Go Wrong’)

camel trench coat with black jeans and leopard print shoes

kate spade 2 park ave be beau bag

This is isn’t the most interesting outfit in the world, or the best photos, and for once I can’t blame the weather for it, either. No, this time I had only myself to blame.

You see, we were going out for the afternoon, and I was wearing exactly what you see in the photo, with one important difference, in that I was wearing red jeans rather than black ones. Oh, and I had my hair tucked into the collar of my sweater, in one of those “fake bobs” I like so much.

So, we headed out to take some quick outfit photos, and Terry, who never normally notices potential issues with my outfits (Seriously, my fly could be wide open, and he’d just keep snapping away, then be all, “WHAT? I just assumed it was some kind of ‘fashion’ thing?!”) immediately spotted a problem.

“Dude,” he said, sniggering. “Your hair’s stuck in the collar of your sweater! LOLs!”

“It’s SUPPOSED to be!” I huffed. “It’s a faux bob!”

“Er, it looks stupid,” Terry pointed out. “People will think it looks stupid.”

“People will know it’s a faux bob: A FOB!” I retorted. But I pulled the offending hair out of the collar anyway, even although I knew that, without a mirror to check it in, or a brush to tame it with, I’d probably just have taken the look from “stupid” to “hot mess” in one easy move.

I had a feeling those photos were doomed at that stage, but we took a few more, then came home to drop off the camera and do some other stuff before leaving. While we were there, I took the opportunity to take a quick look through the photos we’d just taken, and… OH.

See, I love the look of red and camel together. Love it. And, actually, I’d had this particular “red jeans, camel trench” outfit in mind for MONTHS, and had been really looking forward to wearing it. As I flicked through the shots we’d just taken, though, I realised two three things:

01. I STILL love combinations of red and camel together, and will definitely make that happen in an outfit one day.


02. Red jeans are not my friend. Or, at least, THOSE red jeans definitely weren’t. And, I mean, they were perfectly nice jeans, and would look amazing on someone else, but they were hideously unflattering on me, and it had taken the unforgiving lens of the camera to make me see it.

Oh yeah, and:

03: Terry was right about the hair.

Within minutes, the red jeans had been put into the “donate” bag, and replaced with these trusty old black ones: which, I realised too late, are what I wore with this trench coat the LAST time I featured it on the blog. GAH.

Anyway, as I said: not the most interesting outfit ever, but it IS what I wore that day, so… keepin’ it real, and all that. I’ve posted them anyway: mostly because it was either that or the “before” shots of my kitchen, but also because sometimes I think simple is best when it comes to outfits. Yes, the red jeans were much more interesting: I LOVED the colour combination, and they provided that much-needed “pop of colour” that FASHUN people always bang on about. Buuuut they looked like ass on me, and I’d have felt horribly uncomfortable and self-conscious in them, so what would be the point? This look might not be the most exciting outfit you’ll see all day (or even all week), but I was comfortable in it, and I guess that’s all that matters.

As for the outfit photos: I think I might just have to accept it’s not my season for it…

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WEARING: ZARA trench coat  // ZARA sweater // Citizens of Humanity jeans* // Prada Baroque sunglasses*  // Kate Spade bag*  // Moda in Pelle pumps] [separator type=”thin”]


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  • Your garden looks really nice Amber, you’ve obviously both put in a lot of work 🙂

    November 10, 2014
  • Your garden is gorgeous. Your tootsies look freezing though! Or maybe it’s just because I got my chestnut brown Dune toffee boots back from the cobblers after a zip disaster and plan to live in them until the zip breaks again…

    November 10, 2014
  • There’s nothing worse than realising half way through the day that you’re outfit is not as flattering as you think! I don’t think this outfit is boring though, it’s minimal chic I would say 😉

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    November 10, 2014
  • I love your outfit with the black pants, looks great. Your garden looks wonderful, have seen the pictures “before”, that´s amazing how it looks now!


    November 11, 2014
  • I can’t believe I only found your blog now. Backreading like crazy! UGH. I love your funny write-ups 🙂 And I absolutely love RED and CAMEL together too – found a pair of beautiful red trousers from Zara that doesn’t make me look ridiculous!

    November 12, 2014