Joules stripe raincoat

blue jeans and red shoes

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing (mostly because I’m writing this on Monday, when I’m all, “Meh, I’ll think of something…”), but I REALLY hope the weather is a bit better than it was when these photos were taken, for sure. I mean, if you have no electricity on a sunny day, you can basically pretend you’re on holiday, can’t you? But if you have no electricity AND no sunshine…well, you can probably STILL pretend you’re on holiday, just somewhere really grim and miserable, and totally without hope, really.

Actually, the day these were taken DID have hope, because it was one of those strangely Scottish days where it’s raining, then it’s sunny, then it’s raining, then it’s sunny, and it just goes on like that forever. We’ve been getting this kind of weather a lot this year and, somewhat unusually for me, I’ve been dealing with it by always dressing for the worst of the two extremes. In this particular case, it worked out for me: I know it doesn’t look like it, but about an hour later, the sun was out and shining brightly again, and I felt super-smug knowing the weather had tried to catch me out, but I had beat it at its own game. HA! Take that, weather!

Unfortunately for me, though, my triumph was shortlived, and the weather got its own back the very next day, by pretending it was going to pour all day long, then switching to glorious sunshine the second I left the house. I was wearing a warm sweater with a trenchcoat over the top (OBVIOUSLY), and instead of feeling smug, I just felt kind of stupid, and much too warm. Gah. I’ll figure out the Scottish weather one of these days, I swear it..

stripe raincoat with blue jeans and red shoes


Joules raincoat; Zara jeans and flats; H&M sweater


  1. It’s the same in the south, sun, rain, sun, rain and hot, then cold alternately. I like to dry my washing on the line, but need to stay in to watch the weather .

    1. Oh, and speaking of stripes and polka dots – have you checked out Lindex? I can always find some wonderful prints in their online shop. 😉

  2. I’m glad its not just me that always dresses for the worst weather…Yesterday it was misty and rainy so I wore thick tights and jumper (and a dress as well..obviously..) and boiled when the sun came out.

  3. What a cute outfit, I absolutely love the Joules raincoat! I completely understand your struggle with unpredictable weather, I live in Exeter and it can go from raining to sunny to windy in a second, you have to dress for all weather and hope for the best, you seem to pull it off very well! It can be refreshing to have a day without electricity despite the frustration, it is definitely a good chance to get some fresh air 🙂

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