vacation outfit: seersucker skirt and white t-shirt

10 totally random thoughts I’ve had since arriving in Florida last week

vacation outfit: seersucker skirt and white t-shirt

01. Even although it’s been a few years now since I last visited this part of the world – and, even although I’m not actually from here – coming back still feels a bit like coming home. The Ponderosa is still next to the Bargain World, opposite the iHOP with the coldest aircon in all the land. You can still see the remains of Splendid China crumbling away by the side of the road. It’s tacky and garish, and all kinds of wonderful, and I still love everything about it. The way the heat wraps around you like a blanket as soon as you step off the plane. The smell of the air at night, and in the early morning. Those chocolate covered cherries you can get at Target, but which have never been quite as good as they were the first time. Everything.

02. I should probably stop eating the chocolate covered cherries for breakfast, though, tbh.

03.  Why does Max refer to Mickey Mouse as ‘Michael’? I mean, none of us told him Mickey was a diminutive of Michael, so how did he know? IS Michael his real name? MIND. BLOWN.

04. It’s a bit weird that American houses have power outlets in the bathroom (Not allowed in the UK…) but I’m not going to argue with the convenience of being able to dry my hair in the same room I wash it. (Also, props to me for bringing a European adaptor for my GHDs, rather than a US one: yay me!) (It’s OK, Terry remembered to bring the correct ones. He didn’t remember his wallet or driving licence, mind you, but at least we’re all set for plug adaptors.) (Still not over the wallet/driving licence thing, obvs.) (Or the fact that Terry somehow thought a photo of his driving licence would suffice with the car rental company. Like, if that was the case, I’d just take a photo of a $100 bill everywhere and be all, ‘Yeah, I don’t have the actual cash, but this’ll do, right?) (Why can’t I stop writing in parentheses, now? Will the rest of the post be like this? Someone help me!)

05. (On the subject of car rental companies, it turns out that Budget is budget for a reason, and the reason involves spending an hour and a half waiting for them to bring your car round, even although there’s no one else waiting at the time. I’ve written to them suggesting they adopt the tagline, “Budget: you get what you pay for!) (I haven’t. REALLY going to stop with the parentheses now.)

06. (YES, the rest of the post IS going to be like this, apparently. As Max would say, “Ohhhh NOOOOO!”

Bargain World on 192, Kissimmee07. I’m old enough, and have been here often enough now, to remember tons of the lost and abandoned attractions that used to litter the 192: most of which were, quite frankly, NUTS. Like, if we bring Max here when he’s older, it won’t be so much as case of, “I remember when this was all fields,” as “I remember when this was all giant gators, sunken pirate ships and jousting tournaments.” Kissimmee, U drunk.

08. At least 50% of my child’s clothes, and almost all of his pyjamas have a Mickey Mouse theme of some kind. We’re probably not going to Disney. (Long story, but basically Max won’t nap in the pushchair, and we just can’t justify the cost of park tickets for the few hours we’d be able to spend there before we had to head back for naptime. We wouldn’t see much in a day if we had to keep leaving and then going back, so we reckon the best way to do it would be with park hopper tickets, which are a bit too pricey for us, especially given that I’m the only one who really wants to go…)

Max in his Mickey Mouse pjs09. Is it even a holiday if the fake tan on your feet doesn’t go patchy on day 1?






  • I think vacation locations that feel like home are interesting because they don’t all feel that way. Some are just a nice vacation. My husband and I feel that way about London (I’m saying London but I actually mean anywhere close to London that you can easily reach by train. That is just long and awkward to say though.) But why London? It is about as far from our small-town America life as you can get. I don’t know. It just feels right.
    My daughter and I are visiting Scotland in August. Your blog bears some responsibility for my desire to go. All the castles! The beautiful scenery! I can’t wait and am currently researching day trips by train from Glasgow.

    May 20, 2019
  • Mary Katherine



    I know lots of people do it, but I think you’d be insane to take a toddler that small to Disney for the day. They don’t have either the stamina or know enough about what’s going on to possibly make it worth it. Enjoy that heat and let it seep into your bones – to carry you through another chilly Scottish summer.
    I always assumed GOT was on the UK during normal time – how great that you got to watch the finale during civilized hours! I know a lot of people didn’t, but I LOVED the ending.
    I’ll be chuckling about Michael Mouse the rest of the afternoon!

    May 20, 2019
  • Lori


    Amber, glad you and your family are enjoying Florida. My husband and I go to the Destin area often and to my personal favorite Palm Beach. I have a dear friend who lives on Anna Maria Island. Florida is just an entirely different lifestyle. If I lived there, I’d never want to go to work!!

    May 21, 2019
  • On the subject of power outlets, it’s also very common in Poland (where I’m from) and Germany to have them in the bathroom (because of that it’s common to have your washing machine in the bathroom and not kitchen, which makes sense because why would you want your dirty laundry next to your food). It surprises me though because I thought it being the EU the rules would be the same everywhere.

    May 21, 2019