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Random Recommendations | Beauty Product Edition

I’m not really sure how “random” these recommendations can be said to be, given that they’re all beauty products, unlike the last post in this series, which included a little bit of everything.

They are, however, a little bit random, in that there’s really nothing to connect them other than the fact that, well, I like ’em. So here we go!

Makeup Revolution HD Pro Cream Contour Fair

Makeup Revolution HD Pro Cream Contour in Fair

As I mentioned in my last set of random recommendations, my awesome new makeup brushes gave me a newfound interest in makeup, and I ended up spending way too much time watching yo Tube videos which just consist of people applying their makeup… which seems like an odd kind of pastime, really, now I come to think of it, but, I don’t know, I just seem to find it really soothing for some reason. Just me? OK, well, moving on…

All of these beauty tutorials made me really want to learn how to highlight and contour properly: I think I had images of being able to transform myself into one of those You Tube girls, with their impossibly high cheekbones, and their big Bambi eyes, but I knew that actually DOING this would probably be laughably beyond me, so I decided to buy the cheapest contour palette I could find, which was this one by Makeup Revolution. Now, I didn’t have particularly high expectations from this, but when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. When you have pale skin, things like highlighter and contour can be pretty hard to find (I normally just end up looking like I need a good wash…), but, much to my surprise, I found that the first three highlight colours (on the top row, from the left) are actually perfect for my skintone, while the first two contours (bottom row) will also work for me, as long as I use a fairly light hand with them.

I mean, it’s true that the other shades (Other than the yellow, which is great for covering up redness) are basically wasted on me, and I have no idea what that dark brown colour is doing in a palette for “fair” skin, but although there are two shades I won’t use, this was still good value, and I’ve been using it a few times a week. No photos of it in action, unfortunately, because I think I might need a few more You Tube tutorials first, but, colour-wise at least, I recommend it if you’re pale, and on a bit of a budget.

No. 7 Restore & Renew Serum*

I love No. 7 serums: I’ve been using them for years now, and although I have my flirtations with other brands (fairly often, really), this is the one I always come back to, because it’s one of the few products I’ve used that makes a noticeable difference to my skin (it’s softer, firmer and smoother after the first few applications) – and an even more noticeable difference when I stop using it. Restore & Renew is the latest addition to the line, and it basically contains the best bits of the Protect and Perfect and Lift and Luminate serums (both of which I’ve used and loved), plus a mix of  calcium, amino acids and ceramides, all in the highest concentrations available, to treat your skin.

The bad news is that this hasn’t taken ten years off my face, as I’ve seen some articles claiming it will: I WISH. It has, however, improved the texture and firmness of my skin, and while I’d be lying if I said I’d noticed a dramatic difference between this and the other serums mentioned above, I DID notice a difference between it and the last skincare range I was using, which shall remain nameless (Honestly, it wasn’t BAD as such, it just really didn’t seem to make much of a difference to my skin), so I’m happy. Also, it looks good on my dressing table, so, yeah, I’m even happier.

Barry M Mani Mask

This was a bit of an impulse purchase a few weeks ago. I have what I assume to be the worst nails in the blogosphere, if not the known world: in addition to my hideously long, dry cuticles, the nails themselves are always a bit cracked and ragged looking, and nothing I’ve tried seems to have helped much (Aside: I would REALLY appreciate if you could resist the temptation to diagnose me with a health condition here, because, health anxiety…), so most of the time I just slap on some nail polish if I’m going out, and leave them bare and ugly when I’m not. I also normally sit on my hands if I’m in company, to hide them from people, and that gets kind of old, so when I saw that this product claims to “camouflage, colour and condition,” I was all in.

As you’ve probably gathered, because you’re smart like that, this is designed to condition your nails, whilst also camouflaging any damage to them. It has a matte finish, which I thought I was going to hate, but which I actually love, because it basically looks like a natural, healthy nail: so, what other people’s nails look like ALL the time, but which mine never do, in other words. It comes in two colours – I chose the pale pink, but there’s also a natural version – and dries almost instantly, so it’s really easy to use. I’ve been wearing this all the time for the past couple of weeks: I remove it only to re-apply it, and while it definitely hasn’t worked miracles on the nails underneath, I have noticed that they look stronger and healthier since I’ve been using this. Not so much that I’d be willing to go without it now, mind you (And there are no photos of this one in action either, because you probably wouldn’t be able to see it for my cuticles, anyway), but I mostly bought it for the “camouflage” aspect, and am pretty sure I’m going to keep on buying it until the day it’s discontinued… which will probably be any day now, knowing my luck.


GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer

GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer

This is actually a product I used to use years ago, and somehow got out of the habit of buying. (This is one of the pitfalls of blogging – you’re always being sent new things to try, which can make you forget all about the old ones you used to love!) I decided to re-order it at the same time as I buying the contour palette above, though, and I’m really glad I did, because this is basically a drugstore dupe for the amazing Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, which I’ve long considered to be the Holy Grail of primers. The GOSH product, on the other hand, isn’t QUITE as good: it’s a little bit greasier than the Smashbox version (Although not actually greasy, you understand…), but given that it’s also half the price of it, I can totally live with that.

Got any random recommendations of your own you’d like to share? 

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  • Nicci
    May 17, 2017

    I love reading about other people’s beauty favorites! Hearing how good that serum is makes me want to pick some up on our trip to the UK in a few weeks.

  • Fi
    May 17, 2017

    I think my nails may be worse than yours: there’s nothing wrong with them really when they’re bare, but I can’t paint them or the actual nail goes dry and flakey and starts peeling. I assume I’m allergic to something in the nail varnish and have given up, but it’s annoying when I see other people’s nails looking lovely under their colourful coats but I know it’s not really worth it to do mine.

  • Deanna
    May 17, 2017

    so you may think this is weird, but I’ve been using Monistat chafing relief powder gel as a dupe for the smash box primer – same ingredient, and it works like a charm!!! WAY cheaper than Smashbox but works just as well if not better!