Rapidlash Eyelash Serum Review

I used Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum for Two Months: Here’s What Happened

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dreamed of having long, luscious eyelashes, a bit like a cartoon character, really. I don’t even care if they look real or not: I just want them to look like they exist  — which, as a redhead, is a pretty tall order, really.

Like most redheads I know, my eyelashes are almost translucent. I dye them myself (There’s a tutorial on that here, although it’s a very old one, so I’m not sure how useful it’ll be to you), but, even when they’re dyed they still need several layers of mascara to make any kind of impact, and, to be totally honest, they’ve never really recovered from my brief obsession with eyelash extensions, back in 2019.

Here they are back at the start of March this year: so, just a little over two months ago.

My eyelashes before Rapidlash OK, so it’s not the greatest photo, obviously, but, as you can see, while they’re probably not the worst eyelashes you’ll ever see, they’re nothing to write home about, either. 

But! But! There is a solution! Or so I’d heard, anyway. It’s called Revitalash, and, according to every single review I’ve ever read, it’s basically a miracle product, which gives you the eyelashes of your dreams, after just a few weeks. 

It’s also, however, £89 per tube, and, sadly for me and my lashes, that’s just not in my budget right now. 

Instead, then, I bought myself a tube of Rapidlash

Rapidlash is also an eyelash serum, but, at £39.99, it’s only half the price of Revitalash, which is the one and only reason I decided to buy it. Would it be only half as effective, though, I wondered, as I pulled it from its package? I was about to find out…

Rapidlash Eyelash Serum Review

The serum comes in a silver tube, with a small brush to apply it. It’s applied in a thin line, directly to the upper lash line, and you’re supposed to do this once per day, with results being visible after about 8 weeks. That’s literally all there is to it: a fact that made me instantly suspicious, because surely something so simple could not possibly be effective? 

Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t been absolutely religious in my application of this, purely because I keep forgetting about it. I try my best to apply it every night before bed, as part of my skincare routine, but I’d say I forget at least once a week, and sometimes more. I have, however, been keeping up that routine for almost exactly eight weeks now, and here’s what my eyelashes looked like as of yesterday:

My eyelashes after two months of Rapidlash

Again, this is a pretty terrible photo (and apologies for the towel on my head), but I think the difference is pretty obvious. I first noticed that my lashes were longer after about four weeks or so of use, so it’s relatively fast-working. You do, however, have to commit to keeping it up, because if I stop using it, I’m led to believe my lashes will turn into a pumpkin or something. Or, you know, just go back to how they were before.

The difference is most obvious when I’m wearing mascara, but unfortunately it didn’t occur to me to take a “before” photo of that, so these “after” ones will have to do:

eyelashes after using Revitalash

eyelashes after using Revitalash

My lashes may be longer, however, but they don’t seem to be much thicker, which I was mildly disappointed about, as I still need to wear mascara to get the full-lashed look I’m after. That little quibble aside, however, I’m really happy with the results, and am definitely going to repurchase this product when my current tube runs out; unless, that is, you can persuade me to go for the more expensive Revitalash instead? Because, the fact is, no matter how happy I am with a beauty product, there’s always a little part of me left wondering if I might be EVEN HAPPIER with another one.

Would I, though? Would Revitalash really be twice as good as Rapidlash considering it’s twice the price? Or would it just be twice as expensive, for much the same results? And is anyone else REALLY wishing these two brands could’ve given themselves much more distinct names, or is that just me?

Rapidlash Eyelash Serum: before and after

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