Review: Kelly Brook for New Look makeup collection

Review: Kelly Brook for New Look makeup collection

As I’m sure some of you knew, actress Kelly Brook has collaborated with New Look a few times now with clothing lines, and this autumn she also launched her first ever makeup line for the high street brand.  I’ve been a big fan of the retro-style pieces in Kelly’s clothing collections, so I was keen to see what the cosmetics would be like. Well, a couple of weeks ago, New Look sent me a few pieces to try out, and here they are! I warn you in advance, though: this post is veeeery photo-heavy and contains a few extreme close-ups of my face. Proceed at your peril…

Here’s what I was sent…

Brow Beautiful Brow Palette

Review: Kelly Brook for New Look makeup collection

When it comes to eyebrows, my preference is for powders rather than gels or pencils, so this little palette was right up my street – and, of course, being a sucker for all things polka dot, I loved the packaging on this, and all of the other pieces in this collection! There are two shades to choose from: a pale brown powder and darker brown wax. I found the paler of the two to be best suited to my colouring, and so far I really like it. The brush that comes with it? Not so much. The tiny tweezers are great, and come in really useful, but I found all of the brushes in the collection to be a little cheap, so I’ve basically ignored them in favour of my own. I also use my own mirror with this, because while the one in the box would be fine in an emergency, it’s not the greatest either. Given that all of the items in this collection are priced between £2.99 and £5, though, I think some cost-cutting with the packaging is to be expected, and not a big deal – at this kind of price point I would be expecting to use my own brushes anyway!


Review: Kelly Brook for New Look makeup collection

Review: Kelly Brook for New Look makeup collection

A few months ago, this very bright pink blusher shade would’ve been instantly dismissed by me. Lately, though, I’ve been experimenting with some brighter blush shades than I normally wear, and have been pleasantly surprised by them. I actually really like this colour, and have been wearing it fairly frequently: as you can see from the photo, it has quite a bit of “sparkle” in it, but it’s more subtle when it’s on, and it’s a nice, summery shade. This has a brush and mirror on the reverse side of the container: again, I completely ignore them and use my own.

Natural Eyes Eye Palette

Review: Kelly Brook for New Look makeup collection

Excuse the bad “swatch” picture here: as the name suggests, this palette is supposed to create a “natural” look, and the colours aren’t particularly highly pigmented, so it was hard to photograph them. That said, this is probably my favourite piece from the collection: I don’t tend to wear a lot of eyeshadow, but I really liked these colours, and so they’ve been getting quite a bit of use. As with the blusher, there’s quite a bit of glitter, but not too much for daytime use. Of all of the pieces, I felt the packaging of these palettes was the cheapest looking, and the brush the least effective: still, for this kind of price, I’m not going to complain!

Smoky Eyes Eye Palette

Review: Kelly Brook for New Look makeup collection

Review: Kelly Brook for New Look makeup collection

Another eye palette, and my observations on this are much the same as the Natural Eyes version: not super-pigmented, but nice, useable colours, which will make a handy addition to my collection.

Lip Gloss

Review: Kelly Brook for New Look makeup collection

pink lipgloss

I was sure I would hate this. Pink lipgloss REALLY isn’t my thing (in fact, lipgloss in general isn’t really my thing – it always gets instantly stuck in my hair!), but I gave it a go, and liked it more than I expected to. It’s not too sticky or too bright, and although the colour isn’t my favourite, and washes me out a bit, it could make a nice change for summer.


Review: Kelly Brook for New Look makeup collection

This was my least favourite of all of the pieces I was sent. I’m super-picky about mascara, and while there’s nothing really WRONG with this one, there was nothing that made me go “WOW!” about it either, so it’s not something I’d buy. The main problem for me is the brush: it’s one of those fat, rubbery ones, which are supposed to create a nice fluttery effect, but which just never seem to work for me. I much prefer a slimmer mascara wand, and found this hard to apply without smudging, as the larger brush was difficult to get to the roots of the lashes or into the corner of the eyes. I also found that it didn’t do much more for my lashes than simply darken the colour: I like my mascara to also curl and lengthen them, and to create as much drama as possible, basically, and this just didn’t do it for me, although it’s definitely not the worst I’ve used either!

As for what it all looks like on:

Review: Kelly Brook for New Look makeup collection

Review: Kelly Brook for New Look makeup collection


(Sorry about the yellow tinge to the second photo – artificial light’ll do that, unfortunately!)

In these photos I’m wearing the mascara, blusher, and lipgloss shown above, plus the lighter of the two brow powders. On my eyes, I’m wearing the “Natural Eyes” palette, with the 1st shade (working from left to right) on the brow bone, the second on the lid, and the darkest colour in the socket. And part of my eyeliner rubbed off because I smudged the mascara and had to do some repair work. Don’t you just love close-up photos?

Because I was sent these pieces a couple of weeks ago, while we were still busy working on the site, I can’t actually find them on the New Look website (although there are some nail polishes from the same line available), which means that if you’re interested in trying any of them, I’m afraid you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way, by visiting your nearest branch in person. Alternatively, do what I do and just keep checking the website in the hope that they re-stock eventually!

  1. First of all, hurrah for Hey Dollface being back! I was never very good at commenting but I totally trusted and read it. I think half the hair styling products I own were on this site, and you got me trying (and subsequently loving) Revlon ColourStay foundation 🙂

    I like the eyeshadow and eyebrow kit, especially the latter. I tend to use pencils so maybe the eyebrow kit would be a good, and inexpensive, intro into using powder instead. And I really like that lipstick on you!

    1. Oh, I’m so happy to hear that! It took us a while to get back on track (and it’s still not finished!) but I’m really enjoying getting back into it again, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up this time!

  2. Must figure out a way to get my hands on this collection!

    I don’t know why you always warn us before close ups. You have gorgeous skin.

    1. Oh, thanks! I really hate doing them, because they tend to show up every little flaw that isn’t actually visible to the naked eye – it took me a long time to realise that, though!

      1. I never see any flaws. You truly do have gorgeous skin. Come work at my Benefit Counter with me! You’ll go home really loving your skin after customer after customer tells you “I don’t wash or moisturize” and it shows.

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