Review: Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Serum

If I was rich, I’d go out and buy every single product Peter Thomas Roth cared to make.

But I’m not, so I have to thank the kind people at fashion and beauty site Zalando for sending me this tube of Un-Wrinkle Skin Serum to try out. Now, I’m a big fan of serums in general. I tend to find they make more of a difference to the way my skin looks and feels than a regular moisturiser does, and this one came with some pretty impressive claims. Here’s what the brand themselves say about it:

Exclusive blend of six powerful, 100% active ANTI-AGING PEPTIDES and NEUROPEPTIDES (highly concentrated at 23%) are combined with vitamins and skin moisturizers to create this wrinkle fighting solution with the highest degree of effective ingredients. Three neuropeptides, SYN®-AKE* at 4%, SNAP-8* at 10% and ARGIRELINE®* (hexapeptide) at 3% and three peptides, SYN®-COLL* at 3% and MATRIXYL™ 3000* (a dual peptide) at 3% complete this blend. Helps to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines from the first application while helping to relax and diminish the appearance of facial expressions that may lead to the appearance of crows feet, brow furrow wrinkling, laugh lines, frown lines, and other skin creases. Leaves skin looking soft, smooth and years younger.

What it is…

It’s quite a bit to take in, but I let’s face it: it was the “soft, smooth and years younger” bit that really appealed to me. What I did notice about the rest of these ingredients is that this product contains SYN-AKE: the chemical often dubbed “Botox-in-a-bottle” which claims to effectively “freeze” the facial muscles, eliminating lines. This isn’t a new thing: I’ve used products with this particular ingredient before, and while I’ve generally liked them, I haven’t noticed a huge difference with them. Would this be any difference?

What it’s like to use…

In all honesty, there was a tiny part of me that was secretly hoping the answer to that particular question would be “no”, purely because this product is super-expensive, and if it worked, I knew I’d be stuck buying it (or worse: wanting to buy it, but unable to afford it) forever more. Well, I’ve been using it for around three weeks now, and it’s good news for my face, but bad news for my wallet: I notice a BIG difference in the condition and appearance of my skin when I use this, and it’s a difference that was noticeable to me (although possibly not to anyone else) after just a couple of applications.

As far as the product itself goes, this is a thin, slightly watery white serum, which you dispense by depressing the top of the tube it comes in: so far, so typical. I’ve been using it morning and night, and have found it easy and pleasant to use:  it has a very faint scent (as in, so faint I just had to go and sniff it to conform that it even HAD a scent: I don’t notice it at all when I use it), and is lightweight and easily absorbed, creating a good base for makeup.

So far, so good, but what does it actually DO?

The results…

I guess the main thing to note here is that my face is not “frozen” or “expressionless” as the product description might lead you to believe. Not in the slightest. I still have the full range of facial expression, and yes, I still have those fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead and around the eyes. They are, however, less noticeable than they were before, although it’s hard to say whether this is because they’re actually diminishing, or simply because the condition of my skin is so much better. I suspect the latter: I’m hugely cynical about products which claim to actually reverse the signs of ageing, and what I’ve noticed from using this product isn’t that my lines have miraculously disappeared, but simply that my skin is in much better condition, and therefore looks better too.

Almost as soon as I started using this, I noticed that my skin felt smoother and tighter (although not uncomfortably so, as skin can sometimes feel when it’s very dry, for instance). After three weeks, this improvement has continued and I feel the difference is noticeable. My pores look smaller, the texture of my skin is much, much smoother, and my makeup looks far better because it has a softer, smoother base to sit on.

In short, I absolutely love this, and will be gutted when it runs out, because I really like the difference it makes to my skin. Let’s just say  I can see how they justify the price.

Anti-Ageing Cleansing Gel

To go with this, I was also sent a bottle of Peter Thomas Roth’s Anti-Ageing Cleansing Gel, which is a little more reasonably priced, at £34 per bottle.

Peter Thomas Roth

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite as impressed with this. Again, it’s a very pleasant product to use: I like the gel formula, and this one does have a noticeable scent, but it’s a lovely fresh, fruity one, which I like. It definitely leaves my skin feeling squeaky-clean too, but I did have a bit of a breakout in the first week of use. I’m always reluctant to blame a breakout on a particular product, because of course, it could have been down to a number of factors, but I’m not generally pr0ne to breakouts, and overall I feel this cleanser is a little harsh for my skin. I’m persevering with it, and thankfully my skin seems to have settled down again now, so I’m hoping that first week was simply the result of the change in routine, rather than the product itself.

You can buy the cleanser here and the serum here.

  1. I think I’m glad that no one sends me things I can’t afford to replace. 🙂

    Does your skin freak out with the change in weather? As it’s gotten cold and dry my skin has basically had a temper tantrum this year and since I’m pale (bordering on see through) every little irritation shows up dramatically.

    PS While I like the new design I found the block quote in that font very difficult to read.

      1. I’m using OSX- 10.8.2 and Safari 6.0.1

        The PNG is only a teeny bit different than what I’m seeing on my browser. I think the font is identical but what I’m seeing much bolder/thicker. I do find the PNG slightly easier to read.

        1. I had a look at the font on your operating system on on your browser version and it looks pretty readable to me. If I have a few people that are having the same issue as yourself i will look at it again. Thank you for your feedback, it’s important to us!

  2. I have been trying different skin products lately because my skin seems to be changing. I was looking for something to help with fine lines around the eyes, some wrinkles (small) around the lips – and over all, I just wanted to look FRESH, HEALTHY & HAPPENING!

    I tried Olay (this was OK but expensive), I tried Aveda (didnt work), and finally my trainer recommended what she uses – which is the Lady Soma Renewal Serum. I was able to find it online (my local store did not caryy it). This 2 oz bottle of the Lady Soma serum is really like a thin cream/gel. It has no fragrance and is packed with antioxidants and some silicone to fill in fines as well as ingredients to renew damaged skin and give maturing skin back its vitality.

    I apply the Lady Soma Serum once or twice a day on clean skin. I think this serum makes a great primer. It leaves my skin amazingly soft and feeling like velvet. It airbrushes fine lines and adds moisture but is never greasy. It absorbs immediately on my skin. Those with oily skin may find this serum is all they need for hydration. I have dry skin so I use a separate moisturizer over this but, no matter what I do, my skin looks better with this serum on it.

    It doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts. It’s just a really good serum for aging skin!

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