Sally Hansen lip line serum

Review: Sally Hansen Peptide Lip Line Treatment

Sally Hansen Peptite Lip Line Treatment

Please excuse the battered condition of this bottle, everyone: I bought this product back in the summer, and finally squeezed the last drops out of it a couple of weeks ago, so it’s been hanging around the house for a while now!

As I’ve mentioned a few times now, I have very dry lips, especially at this time of year. That’s not why I bought this, though. No, I bought this because, in addition to the dryness, I also have a very indistinct lip line: my upper lip in particular basically just blends into my face, and if I’m not wearing lipstick, I look… well, pretty odd, to be honest. (My lips are also almost colourless. I got all the lip luck, didn’t I?) This is something I’ve always been aware of (I can vividly remember my best friend in high school watching me applying my makeup and exclaiming, “Wow, you hardly have an upper lip at all, do you?!), but haven’t ever attempted to do anything about. Over the last couple of years, though, my choice of lipsticks have gotten gradually brighter and redder, and as we all know, red lipstick is particularly unforgiving. It looks fantastic on plump, smooth lips, but can look absolutely dreadful on dry, lined ones: add the non-existent lip-line into the equation and you have yourself a recipe for disaster, basically. In makeup terms, of course.

Back in the summer, then, I started to do a bit of reading about products designed to make the lips look better, and found that a lot of people seemed to be recommending Sally Hansen’s Peptide Lip Line Treatment. I picked some up in Walgreens, while I was on vacation (I think it cost me around $10), and started to apply it morning and night, with an extra dose before applying my lipstick.

Here’s what Sally Hansen say it will do:

Revolutionary Peptide skin treatment features a Vitamin-Peptide Complex known to enhance collagen, correcting lines on and around mouth

Lines and wrinkles appear plumped from within, so skin looks younger and smoother

See a remarkable reduction in the look of lines and creases on and around the mouth

Dermatologist Tested – Hypoallergenic

I wasn’t really expecting much (I never do with skin products, to be completely honest…) but much to my surprise, I started to see a difference in my lip line within a few days, the difference being that I suddenly HAD a lip line. My blurry, fades-into-my-face upper lip suddenly had a distinct line around the edges of it, and this alone was enough to make me keep on using the product, because as well as making my lips look better without lipstick, it also made a big difference when I was wearing it, and  rather than having to simply guess where the line should be, I could actually see it, and line around it.

I can’t say I noticed much in the way of plumping or de-creasing. The lines on my lips definitely looked much softer, but the lips themselves didn’t change size or shape. I wasn’t too bothered about that, though – I had been mostly interested in smoothing the lines, defining the lip line and generally keeping the dryness at bay, and this product did all of that, so it was well worth what I paid for it.

Annoyingly, I haven’t been able to find a UK stockist of this online: I know most chemists and supermarkets stock Sally Hansen products, but I haven’t seen this particular one (I also found it a little tricky to track down in the States and visited multiple branches of Walgreens, CVS and Target before I found this one solitary bottle…), which means I haven’t yet replaced it, and was forced to use it more sparingly for the last few weeks of it life. I can definitely see a difference in my lips since I’ve been doing that, so I’ll have to make more of an effort to track some down. If you’re in the US, meanwhile, I did find some on this site, and know it’s also stocked at Walgreens and CVS, if you can find some!