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If you read any of my other blogs, or follow me on any of the approximately 1,763,345 social networks I’m currently part of, you will probably already know that I’ve spent the last 24 hours shamelessly begging people to join the new Shoe Community over at, which Terry has very cleverly created.

If you DON’T already know I’ve been doing that, then all I can say is DAMN, people, where you been? Do you even GO here?

That’s also the main reason my posts here have been so sporadic recently: the new Challenge/Community has basically involved a complete re-launch of the site, and while Terry’s been busy with that, I’ve been busy rocking back and forth in the corner, going, “OMG, what if everyone hates it, WHAT IF?” These fears are only partly unfounded: last year we made a minor change to the layout of, and there are people currently using that site who STILL don’t think Terry and I should be alive today because of it (I’m only exaggerating a little bit), so, yeah, I was completely terrified.

Luckily, we seem to have (mostly) got away with it so far: it launched yesterday, and already has almost 70 active members, and only two complaints so far, so I think we’re doing not too badly. Obviously I’ve now cursed this project with my optimism, though, and will wake up tomorrow to a barrage of emails from people who’d like me to just go and ahead and kill myself, please. Which I guess will make a nice change from the barrage of emails about Kelly Osbourne’s hair. (Seriously, I got two of them on Sunday: both huge rants about Kelly Osbourne, both assuming that I have some kind of hotline to KO, or am somehow able to hold her down and dye her hair. Which I’m not, just to clarify. )

(Hilariously, one of the people who emailed me had an email signature which declared “educating others” to be “his life’s mission”. Maybe should’ve educated himself about who is Kelly Osbourne and who is Forever Amber, first, huh?)

Anyway! I was writing about the new community on Twitter, or Facebook, or TwitFace, or wherever the hell it was, and I sez to myself, I sez, “Amber, why are the Forever Amber readers missing out on this exciting piece of news? Why are you allowing the fact that most of them don’t actually give a crap about shoes to stand in the way of you pimping out your new community, like the pimpiest pimp who ever pimped?” And I thought, “You know, that’s true. I will write a post about it this very day.” And here it is. If you could try to look interested, that would be awesome.

So, folks, I have a new Shoe Community, which is the epicentre of the next Shoeper Shoe Challenge. (If you don’t know what that is, this post isn’t for you. Just scroll on by, soldier…) If you like shoes, you could join it. If you DON’T like shoes – and I’m told that there are, indeed, some people who have chosen to adopt this strange position, a bit like people who persist in believing that the world is really flat and that Justin Beiber is sexy – you could tell your shoe lovin’ friends about it instead. “Shoe lovin’ friends,” you could say, “Why are you not a member of the Shoeper Shoe Community? Are you crazy?”

Oh, and the fact that the Shoe Challenge is once again underway means that I’m back to doing this again:

green pencil skirt

I wear the green things so you don’t have to. You are very welcome.

  1. Thank you for reminding me! I may or may not have read the other posts in the office and then forgot about it. Oops. Just signed up! You don’t think 67 pairs of shoes counts as having a problem, right? Yay, me neither!

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