Week in Photos | Ship to Wreck


Well, this week has been mostly taken up by holiday prep, which I realise I’m talking far too much about, but one of the downsides of personal blogging is that the blog ends up being taken over by whatever the blogger happens to be doing at the time, and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it, unfortunately. Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon. Well, soon-ish, anyway…

It hasn’t been all work and no play, though. I mean, it’s been MOSTLY all work and no play, but on Sunday we got a rare nice day, so we took off to Muiravonside Park, and had dinner at a lovely little restaurant by the canal. Unfortunately, although it was lovely and sunny, it was also super-windy as usual, and as we were sitting outside, and I stupidly hadn’t brought a jacket (I mean, you’d think I’d have learnt by now, wouldn’t you? You’d be wrong, though…), I had to borrow Terry’s hoodie, which is grey, saggy and came almost to my knees. Surprisingly enough, I declined the opportunity to grab some outfit photos, but I did Snapchat fairly obsessively, so if you follow me there (ForeverAmberUK is the name, posting mirror selfies is apparently the game…) you’ll have been subjected to tons of shots of goats, llamas and other random animals. Sorry about that.

dinner by the canal

Speaking of Snapchat, I’m actually surprised by how much I’m enjoying it. True, I haven’t actually used it for a few days now (Mostly because I’ve been pretty much glued to my desk chair, frantically trying to line up blog posts for my holiday), but when I do remember it, I have to say, I quite like it. What’s even stranger about this is that I like it for the exact reasons I thought I’d hate it: like the complete lack of any interaction, for instance. When I blog, I absolutely hate it when a post gets no response, but on Snapchat there’s no way for people TO respond, and honestly, it’s quite refreshing to be able to just snap away without worrying about what what kind of reaction (or lack thereof) it’s going to get. Surprising.

Other than that, the week has basically looked like this:

it's like rain. On your wedding day.

It’s like rain. On your wedding day. Or EVERY day except that one Sunday when it was nice, but windy. GOD. No wonder my ‘Week In Photos’ is a bit light on the actual photos, huh?

Oh, and finally, the title of this post comes from this song:

Florence + the Machine: Ship to Wreck

Florence + The Machine, ‘Ship to Wreck’ – on repeat, all week long, and playing in my head as I write this post: LOVE IT.

  • I can see the appeal of not worrying about what response every single thing you put out into the world will get… but I also think ‘oh hell no, not another social platform I feel compelled to constantly update with decent stuff’! I’m digging my heels in about Snapchat so far, therefore… On the weather – you’ll be going to a better place soon. Spare a thought for those of us stuck here facing autumn…

    August 29, 2015
  • I downloaded snapchat and then I was like….ok so what am I supposed to do? hahahah! I love that song too btw, florence is an angel xx

    August 30, 2015
  • Claire


    What do you use to colour your hair? It’s beautiful! X

    August 30, 2015
  • I LOVE Snapchat! I also find it freeing to not worry about what kind of response you get. Also, after spending a day with 6 teenage girls, don’t ask, I can tell you Snapchat is where it’s at! If you want to follow me, I’m at likealadyblog 🙂

    August 31, 2015