Shopbop April wishlist

Shopbop April Wish List (and sale code!)

April wish list

Shopbop is one of those sites that has a ‘wish list’ feature, which means that every few days I go over there, add a bunch of stuff to my ‘Wish List’, and then have to sit on my hands to stop myself actually going ahead and ordering everything. The struggle is real, people. 

This week, they’re having one of the huge sales they have every so often, so my plan was to show you what’s on my Shopbop Wish List this month. Unfortunately, though, I only got as far as the skirt, because, seriously, guys, THE SKIRT.  Ever since I found it, I keep going back to look at the price (er, just in case it’s changed radically since the LAST time I looked, obviously. I can’t be the only one who does that, can I?), and then reaching for the smelling salts, because WOW. Let’s just say this one’s a ‘wish list’ with the emphasis firmly on “wish”, OK?

(I don’t have smelling salts. Or any intention of buying this skirt, for that matter. The skirt is a #LIFEGOAL, though, not gonna lie. The smelling salts too, actually, because who DOESN’T secretly wish they were in a Jane Austen novel sometimes?)

(You know when you start using a certain word or phrase ironically, because you’re just too cool, but then you use it so much it actually just becomes part of your speech, to the point where your husband ends up saying, “Look, in all seriousness, if you don’t stop saying, ‘HASHTAGLIFEGOALS’, I’m filing for divorce?” That has totally never happened to me. I don’t know why I even mentioned it, really.)

Where was I?

Oh yeah: wish list! So, I started with the skirt, and I was going to just do a straightforward “here’s all the stuff I added to my Shopbop Wish List” post, but then I became weirdly obsessed with creating an outfit to go with THE SKIRT, and then I got all obsessed with making it an outfit I’d actually wear. Fast-forward 17 hours or so, and, well, here we are.  I THINK this is what my guidance teacher meant when he said I could make something of my life if I was just willing to put in the effort, but I’m not 100% sure.

But back to Shopbop and its sale, which is what I was supposed to be talking about here, and which gives you 25% off all purchases using the code ‘INTHEFAM‘. I hope you’ll all take this code and use it wisely, to buy yourself something nice: I certainly did. (And no, it’s not THE SKIRT, but it IS something I’d been saving up my Shopbop credit* for absolutely ages for, so what a time to be alive people, seriously.)

Monique Lhullier skirt;  Kate Spade bag;   Giuseppe Zanotti shoes; Kate Spade sunglasses, watch, iPhone case; Tibi camisole

*Shopbop is a sponsor of Forever Amber, and very kindly provides me with credit to use on the site: I wasn’t, however, compensated for this post!

  • You know, if only you’d published this post a couple of days ago I could have saved a bit of money on that Kate Spade handbag I bought myself in Dubai…

    I might have been able to talk myself out of it if I’d ordered online though.

    Lis / last year’s girl x

    April 6, 2016