shorts and t-shirt

I Wish I Was Wearing This

casual outfit featuring shorts and t-shrt

shorts and a t-shirt

Caltech Campus, Pasadena, California

I wish I was wearing this right now: not because it’s a great outfit, obviously – quite the contrary, in fact. It’s probably the most basic thing I wore all holiday, and it’s not even remotely “blogworthy” by most people’s standards, but if I was wearing it now, it would mean I was back in sunny Pasadena, wandering down those tree-lined streets, and if that meant wearing shorts and a t-shirt, so be it.

These photos were taken during another one of those long walks Terry and I like to take in the burning hot sun. We started out at the house Einstein lived in when he was working at nearby Caltech, and took in the campus itself (which is absolutely beautiful, by the way…), before heading back to San Marino. We walked around 7 miles all in (with a few stops for water this time: the family haven’t stopped winding me up since that whole jetlag incident on day one of the trip: apparently I repeated the phrase, “I feel like my brain has split in half!” at least 50 times in the space of 20 minutes, and they WILL NOT LET ME FORGET IT, so since then I’ve been careful to stay veeeerrry hydrated…), but it was totally worth it to see some more of the area on foot.

Einstein's house in Pasadena, California

(The Chicken in front of Einstein’s house. The Chicken has been really enjoying his travels, by the way – you can catch him on Twitter under the hashtag #ChickenOnTour…)

It was so hot that we didn’t really feel like taking too many photos, but I’m grateful for the few we do have, and am posting them anyway, purely because this was one of those days that would otherwise have gone unrecorded, and mostly un-remembered after a while. I love the fact that blogging gives me an excuse (or more of an excuse, rather…) to record the little details of trips like this, so I hope you’ll forgive the few more holiday posts that are still to come, because the day after these were taken, we were off to Vegas: well, I couldn’t NOT blog about Vegas, could I?

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WEARING: H&M shorts and t-shirt; Topshop hat; Dorothy Perkins flats; Michael Kors bag

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  • Great places dear, I wish to visit Pasadena some day! ^.^
    I love your outfit too!

    September 28, 2015
  • Myra


    You look great in shorts and a Tshirt, but don’t forget the hat and red flats. And who could miss Einstein’s house

    September 28, 2015