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trench coat and stripes
red Philip Lim Pashli bag

trench coat, stripe top and red bag

So, a strange thing happened…

… I kind of lost interest in the types of clothes I normally wear.

I haven’t lost interest in clothes in general, I hasten to add – quite the opposite, in fact. It’s just the style of clothes that’s a little bit different, and whereas normally at this time of year I’d be desperate for the weather to warm up, so I could start wearing my collection of 50s-inspired sundresses, I’m… well, I’m STILL desperate for the weather to warm up, obviously, but I’m actually more interested in jeans right now. And stripe tops. And trench coats. And… OK, so it’s not THAT big a change, is it? I mean, I’ve been wearing this kind of stuff for years now, so if those opening sentences made you think some kind of radical change was afoot, I’m really sorry. This is probably pretty disappointing for you, isn’t it?

The thing is, though, this week I’ve been busy packing for my holiday. Now, normally I view holidays – especially ones to (hopefully) warmer climates – as the perfect opportunity to get some wear out of all of the aforementioned dresses and skirts, which normally just hang in the closet for 50 weeks of the year. This time, though? This time I just can’t get excited about wearing them for some reason. In fact, when I started thinking about wearing them, it all just felt like so much effort. Which is pretty weird, really, because it’s not like putting on a dress is any more difficult than putting on a pair of shorts, is it? In fact, I normally roll my eyes right out of my head when people start talking about how it’s just SO much “effort” to wear a skirt, so why am I feeling like that myself these days?

I’m not sure. What I DO know, though, is that all I’ve been interested in wearing lately are those simple, “mimimal” looks that aren’t very interesting to look at, but which are so easy to wear. And who knows, maybe this is just the lingering after-effects of the winter blues, and I’ll be back to my usual self soon enough, but for now I have a suitcase filled with Breton tops, denim bottoms, and just a few dresses and skirts. For now, anyway…

trenchcoat and stripes

ZARA trench (shorter version) and trousers; Petit Bateau top; New Look boots; 3.1 Phillip Lim bag*; Tory Burch Fitbit bracelet*


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  • Goga
    March 4, 2016

    This may sound weird but when I read your posts I feel like you are my soul sister. You often write about what I think or feel 🙂

  • Lily
    March 4, 2016

    The move towards minimalistic fashion seems to be a general trend at the moment. It makes me wonder about the whole fashion as reflection of society theory. Things are pretty bad in the world right now, and I wonder if the move towards simpler fashion that we’re seeing is a subconscious reflection of that. I think we’re all influenced by these things more than we like to think, in these days of individuality.

    Anyway, navel gazing aside, you look fab, Amber! It’s a classic look for a reason, so elegant. And of course you carry it off perfectly. 🙂

  • Jenny
    March 4, 2016

    I like it! You look great, and really, the red hair is a great accessory to make sure you stand out even in a simpler look.

  • CiCi Marie
    March 4, 2016

    Er… I think I’m going the opposite way to you! Usually I live in jeans when I’m not at work or taking pictures for the blog, but recently I’ve been finding myself wanting to wear skirts and dresses all the time. I’ve done minimalism in reverse. Always off trend, me… Or maybe you’ve somehow transferred your skirt thing to me?!

  • Jasmine
    March 4, 2016

    You look amazing either way! I wish I could get into the minimalistic trend I just find myself piling everything on haha jk! I’m going for more bright colors these days I guess because it’s spring and I’ve taken quite a liking to anything with color(blame my Instagram feed haha) I’m also having this crazy feeling with wearing more skirts and dresses I’ve already bought 2! I tend to only where dresses if I go to church or weddings but it’s calling my name for everyday wear haha!!!

    Jasmine 🙂

  • Vickie
    March 4, 2016

    I think the minimalist, Scandi look is influencing everything at the moment. It’s not my style, but even I am finding myself drawn to simple shapes, greys and natural colours, all very ‘quiet’ and chic. If you’re spending a lot of time on Pinterest it’s bound to rub off on you after a while!

  • Heather
    March 4, 2016

    Even your “simple” outfits are interesting to me! You always look so classy, jeans or skirts.

  • Mana
    March 4, 2016

    This outfit is gorgeous and is exactly what my style goals generally are. But I’m terrible about buying the things I need to actually pull that off. I need to work on that.

  • Michelle Adams
    March 4, 2016

    Not very interesting to look at? On the contrary there’s lots to admire in this outfit. A minimal look maybe, effortlessly stylish definitely.

  • Catherine
    March 4, 2016

    You look wonderful in this outfit and it’s beautifully put together. Maybe you’re just tired though and that’s why wearing dresses feels like an effort? You said before you’d had a difficult January, it’s winter and you’re due for a holiday. It will be interesting to see whether you feel differently when you come back and want to wear your dresses again, or whether the simple, stylish outfits like this one stick for a while.

  • maria
    March 5, 2016

    I must say, even simpler outfits look good on you, especially if stripes are involved!
    I’ve noticed too that minimalism is basically conquering every corner of the internet, lol! I’m not exactly a fan of the extremisms in it, like ‘if you own more than 10 paper books you’re an unrepentant hoarder living in clutter and need to simplify your life/soul!’. I mean, it’s not a contest on who’s more minimal and who’s got less stuff altogether, but it’s about being more mindful of ourselves and try to have a fuller life and less fixation on material stuff. That’s something I can definitely roll with, and trying to buy less clothes is making me less fixated with shopping… But I doubt that happiness will come by throwing out the 80% of what I own and going to live in a one-room apartment with a postage stamp-sized bathroom, like some minimalists advice. For some people it works, but many other people are comfortable with various degrees of minimalism, and that’s ok too!
    Sorry for the papyrus, anyway, I really love minimalism in outfits, and as much as I love colourful dresses and bold pattern on skirts/trousers/blouses/whatever, in my daily life I just go with a simpler look: clean lines, no unnecessary bulk, sleek fit, basic solid colours. That’s why I’ve never been into the more ‘loud’ trends like colour-block, stumpy heeless shoes, neon shades, weird giant florals, ginormous harem trousers and so on! 😀

  • Julia
    March 5, 2016

    Lovely outfit. Minimalistic and nice. Red bag looks so cool, what an accessory, match your redhead.

  • Caitlin
    March 9, 2016

    There definitely seems to be a trend towards not looking like you “tried too hard”… but of course, in the process, you probably tried really hard not to look like you tried too hard? I don’t really get it… I do get the appeal of classic or “capsule” style, but unique pieces are the spice of life!
    Maybe denim bottoms would be easier for a holiday with a lot of walking or exploring? I hope you have fun!

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