Choies Sakura skater skirt

Linlithgow Palace, Scotland

Linlithgow Palace, Scotland

Linlithgow Palace, West LothianLinlithgow Palace

floral 50s style skirt and Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon shoes

When I pulled this skirt out of the shipping bag, I immediately proclaimed it to be The Best Skirt I’d Ever Owned.

“Isn’t it basically the SAME skirt you’ve ALWAYS owned?” asked Terry, betraying a really quite shocking lack of knowledge regarding the untold intricacies of the world of skirts.

“Don’t be silly,” I told him, twirling in front of the mirror (The KIND mirror, naturally. Not the Mirror of Evil.) “This is the Best of All Skirts, and it’s the greatest tragedy of my life that I probably won’t get to wear it until next year now, because of stupid September, with its layering and its “bundling“, and all that jazz.”

But that was last week. And while last week was definitely autumn, this weekend the rain stopped, the sun came out… and so, of course, did the One Skirt. Well, I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to debut my new favourite thing, so on Saturday night Terry and I went out to dinner, stopping off first at Linlithgow Palace, which was looking particularly picturesque in the late evening sunlight.  These photos were taken during the ‘golden hour’ right before the sun goes down, but it was still warm enough for my bare legs and light cardigan (That’s not even a Hell Bunny cardigan either, people: go me!) not to be a problem. Quite the opposite, in fact: this is basically how I’d dress every single day if I possibly could, so it was so nice to have an unexpected opportunity to break out another summer skirt while I have the chance.

We took too many photos, of course, but hey: it’s not every day a girl gets to prance around an ACTUAL palace (albeit a ruined one) in a “princess” skirt, is it?

50s style skirt at Linlithgow Palace

♥  Sakura skater skirt c/o Choies ♥ Ancient cardigan ♥ TK Maxx handbag   ♥  Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes  Miu Miu sunglasses*

  1. Oh goodness that skirt is gorgeous! And so cheap! I can feel that I am going to be obsessed with this now, which isn’t anything new though since I always have an obsession with a dress or a skirt. Only thing is it only comes in “one size” and I’m definitely a couple of sizes bigger than you so not sure if it would fit me 🙁

  2. That skirt is gorgeous – especially in the golden light! No harm in taking loads of photos when they’re such nice ones. I’d pretty much dress like this all the time if I could too, nothing much beats the full skirt and fitted cardigan combo!

  3. Noooo! I just looked at the skirt! It comes in other colours! I need them all! Im going tto be stuck on that website for the next couple of days now, bye bye wedding fund!!

  4. Yay! You got a chance to wear it! I couldn’t wait to read your post and I’m glad I finally got some time to catch up on my blog reading. You look absolutely gorgeous in it and it’s definitely a princess skirt. I was saving my skirt for my anniversary and I was happy with how it looked, even though mine looks a bit fuller, and I got many weird stares that day. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to wear it again since then.

    P.S. I was super happy when I read your Instagram reply, that I inspired you to get that skirt. I was smiling so much my boyfriend asked me why I was looking like a little girl. haha I showed him your reply and he got it. He knows that I’m such a fan of you and your style! 🙂

  5. Horray for getting the chance to wear the new skirt! I do love your photos in addition to your wonderful style. I have been to Linlithgow Palace before, and think it so cool that you can just go take photos at a place like this whenever you feel like it. I think places like this are pretty awesome!

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