have to once again thank you all for your lovely comments on my last two posts.

I’m not going to lie, things are pretty tough right now, but we’re taking it day by day, and drawing a lot of strength from Terry’s mum, who is being absolutely amazing. I mean, she went to Bingo last night: literally nothing stops this woman, so cancer, I hope you get the message, OK? (Also, *&^* you, seriously.)

As I said in yesterday’s post, I’ve written quite a few posts over the past few weeks which I’ll be publishing soon (Don’t worry, they won’t ALL be about vomit*), but before I do, I just wanted to talk a bit about the ol’ blog, and how it’s likely to be affected by all of this – it IS my first baby, after all, and I wouldn’t want it to feel jealous, or left out, or whatever, would I?

I kind of hesitate to mention this at all, because I know you guys are all awesome, and will just tell me I should write whatever I want, but the fact is, I’ve been in the blogging game for long enough now to know that blogger pregnancies aren’t always greeted with universal joy: in fact, I’ve lost count of the number of comments I’ve read from people (Not directed at me personally, I hasten to add!)  saying they immediately unsubscribe the second a blogger they follow gets pregnant, because they know it’s just going to turn into a “mom blog” after that – and that’s obviously fair enough. I mean, I’m secretly hoping you’ll all want to stick around regardless, but I’m not stupid, and although I’ve had tons of lovely comments over the past couple of days, I’ve also had quite a few people unsubscribing from my email list, so I felt I owed it to you to be upfront, and say two main things:

blogging in bed01.

I have no intention of turning this site into a mom blog, and starting to write exclusively about potty training, or breast pads, or whatever the hell kind of things mommy bloggers write about.



 I probably will be writing quite a lot about this pregnancy: especially over the next couple of weeks, because I’ve been keeping this secret for an entire two months now, it’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me, and I am just BURSTING to be able to write about it. BURSTING. I apologise in advance.

In my defence, although my blog is often described as a fashion blog, to me it’s always been a personal journal, and, as such, has reflected whatever’s going on in my life, or catches my interest at the time. Fashion has played a big part in that (And still will – well, on the days I feel capable of actually getting dressed, that is…) because it’s something I’ve always been interested in, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Right now, though, this pregnancy is pretty all-consuming for me: I know it sounds trite to say it, and I’ve never been one to gush over the “miracle” of birth (In fact, I’ve always been one of those assholes who always points out that it’s a “miracle” that happens to thousands and thousands of people, every single day…) but after everything we went through last year, it really does feel pretty miraculous to me (Yes, I gagged a bit as I typed that. I also gagged when I tasted nuts in my cereal this morning, though, so take that how you will…), and it’s been more or less all I’ve been able to think about for the last few weeks.

So, obviously I want to be able to write about this, as it’s such an important part of the story of my life this blog has always been, but the thing is, I want to be able to write about it honestly… which I think is somewhat frowned upon by some people. This doesn’t apply to everyone, obviously, but I feel like there’s a lot of pressure on pregnant women to only ever talk about the positives, in order to avoid upsetting those who are struggling with loss or infertility. Now, I get that too, I really do: and, having been one of those women myself, going through miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy, and being constantly confronted with pregnancy announcements and baby photos, I know just how hard it can be. I really, really want to be sensitive to people who are struggling right now, and the last thing I want would be for this blog to upset anyone, or trigger them in some way – again, I know how that feels, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

With that said, though, I also don’t think it’s particularly helpful to anyone to pretend that pregnancy isn’t sometimes hard: because it IS. In my case, along with the physical challenges it’s created (I’m feeling a little better now, but there have been days when I was so sick I literally couldn’t get out of bed…), I’m also dealing with some very severe health anxiety, plus a phobia of hospitals, and of general anaesthetics in particular. Pregnancy, for me, has meant having to face some of my biggest fears, on a near-daily basis (Er, not the general anaesthetic, obviously: I haven’t been having to have surgery every day – or, you know, AT ALL – but the thought that I MIGHT have to face that too at some point has been a daily source of anxiety to me…), and that’s been tough. Like, really, really, tough.

As I said, I want to be able to write about all of this: not just because it’s an important part of my story, but because I also think it’s something that some women might be able to relate to, and I don’t think it helps women who are struggling to just shut them down, or tell them their feelings are unusual, or invalid. More than anything, I think it’s important to understand that, just because some people find pregnancy scary, or challenging, it doesn’t mean they’re not grateful to be able to do it, or that their babies are any less wanted. After everything I’ve been through, I feel incredibly lucky to be in this position right now, and I don’t take any of it for granted – not for a second. It’s possible to be grateful for your pregnancy, though, but to also really hate the morning sickness (I mean, no one actually LIKES throwing up, do they?), or feel anxious about childbirth or whatever. I think that’s only human, and while I want to be as sensitive as possible to anyone reading this who’s dealing with loss or infertility, I also want to be able to be honest – hence this post.

Now, obviously I get that all of this will be really, really off-putting to some of you, so if this is where you get off, that’s cool – I totally get it, and I want to thank you for sticking with me this long anyway – that’s quite the achievement, seriously. For those of you who do choose to stick around, meanwhile, I want to thank you too, obviously, and to say that while things might be just a little bit pregnancy-centric over the next couple of weeks or so, while I publish the backlog of posts I’ve been typing from my sickbed, it won’t be forever, and, now that the first-trimester fog has (hopefully) started to lift, I’m hoping to be able to get back to my more usual content, too. I’m also in the process of trying to work out how to change my mailing list so people can choose which categories to subscribe to (and which to avoid ever seeing, obviously), so, yeah, bear with me, and hopefully things will go back to something like normality, sometime soon.

Or, at least, that’s the plan…

(*Quite a lot of it will be about vomit, though. Apologies in advance.)

[Edited to add: Going by the first couple of comments on this, I’m a bit worried that it’s just coming across as me complaining about people unsubscribing, which isn’t the case at all – I totally understand why some people wouldn’t want to read pregnancy-related stuff, for a whole host of reasons, and I’m not remotely offended by the choice to unsubscribe: it’s something I was fully expecting to happen as soon as I made the announcement, and I don’t take it at all personally. I think it’s inevitable that blog readers will come and go as either they or the blog they’re following changes, and that’s totally understandable – I really just wrote this post to give people a heads-up as to what they can expect for the next few weeks/months, so that anyone who might find it triggering (or just plain boring!) doesn’t have to be upset by it!]


  1. I’m not at all interested in ‘mom blogs’ since l don’t have and don’t want kids, but it never occurred to me to unfollow you. That’s harsh!
    No plans to unfollow either – l enjoy your writing no matter the topic.

    1. I think it’s just that not everyone is interested in every topic, which is understandable! I don’t follow mom blogs either, to be honest, because it’s never been something I related to until now!

  2. I did unsubscribe, though I never would have wanted it to come off as a sign I was going to vanish as a reader or it was somehow harsh. My own HA has issues with pregnancy/childbirth; I do want to read your experience (especially given how you’ve talked about it here) but I need to be able to control when I see it, if that makes sense? I’m not going to stop following, commenting, reading, but I didn’t want to have sudden stabs of anxiety when I saw an email update. If I go direct to the blog when I remember, that’s cool, I’m ready for it.

    1. I honestly didn’t intend this to come across as me being upset about unsubscribes – I totally understand why people wouldn’t want to read pregnancy related stuff, especially with health anxiety! I’ll update the post to make it a bit clearer that I’m not offended by it – I actually wrote this so that people who don’t want to see it, or might find the content triggering, will know what to expect, and can unsubscribe now for the sake of their sanity!

    1. That’s a great post! It’s always seemed fairly obvious to me that it’s possible to be super-grateful for something, but not enjoy every single aspect of it, but there does seem to be an expectation with pregnancy/parenting in particular that if you complain AT ALL, then you must be an ungrateful brat who needs to be scolded immediately!

  3. So I have been following this blog for about five years now. Having grown very fond of your narrator’s voice, I have felt very privileged and fond of following your life as you chose to share it here. And in this light, I would find it a bit illogical for anyone who has come along this far on the journey of your life as you have been telling it to expect for you not to share about your child the way you have shared about your family and clothes and moves and remodelling! (unless you chose not to do so, which would be your entire right). Children change your life. As a long time reader of your online journal, I will be here for it as much as you decide to talk about it, and feel lucky that someone I do not personally know, but whose writing I admire, chose to share this with her public.

    1. Thanks, that’s so nice of you to say! I think with most of the people who unsubscribe, it’s not that they’re expecting me to never mention it, it’s just that it can be a really sensitive topic for people who are dealing with infertility/loss, and they understandably don’t want to be triggered by it. And, of course, some people just aren’t interested, which is also understandable!

  4. I don’t read any mummy blogs and I’m a mother of two myself, who also blogs and didn’t turn it into a mummy blog… I’d never stop following you, I’ve been here so long it’s like life updates from a distant friend if that makes sense? I’m excited to see your pregnancy fashion as well – Felix is three TOMORROW so it’s been a while since I went through all that. Jersey dresses for the win. Best wishes to Terry’s Mum as well, she sounds like a fighter. Stay strong x x

    1. I don’t read mummy blogs either (Although I do still follow a few bloggers who started out as fashion/beauty bloggers or whatever, but then had kids and wanted to write about them, and I keep following them for exactly the the same reason as you – they kind of feel like friends to me now, so I’m interested in their lives, even if they’re really different from mine – I’m really flattered that you’d say that about me, too 🙂 ), but, for reasons that aren’t clear even to me, I’ve always been fascinated by posts about pregnancy! I normally totally avoid anything health-related, but I guess I just always assumed it was something that wouldn’t ever happen to me, so it would be “safe” – shows what I know!

  5. Amber, this is your damn blog you should write what you damn well want to – for every follower you lose, you’ll gain a new one who wants to see a fabulously dressed child, an amazing nursery makeover, your maternity style, etc etc. These new followers will want to read how a normal (albeit incredibly glamourous) person copes with their pregnancy despite their anxiety, how someone who likes a clean house copes with a toddler who will likely want to paint those pristine white walls with their poop.
    In fact, for every one you lose, you’ll gain a few.
    And you mentioned Jealousy.. Well yeah, I have to admit I am sitting here feeling so proud and joyed for one of my favourite bloggers, but at the same time it saddens me as it reminds me of my own situation and the fact I’ll never have children. But you know what? That envy isn’t going to stop me from reading your blog: I’ll just live vicariously, continue to follow your blog, wish you well, and look forward to Scotland’s most stylish baby x
    Again, well done to you!!

    1. I’m so sad that it makes you feel that way, and I can somewhat relate – I felt exactly the same at various points over the past few months when I really believed it wasn’t going to be possible for us: I think that’s totally understandable, and is one of the reasons I wrote this post, really … I’ve already had one very negative reaction to the news from someone I know in real life, so I’ve been really worried about upsetting people here, too 🙁

      1. I am so sorry to hear that you’re getting negative reactions, especially from people you know!
        But don’t you worry, those of us who are sticking around will shower you with enough positivity to overshadow any negativity you receive. We know how difficult this has been for both you and Terry, you have taken us along for the journey that has lead you to this point, and anyone who having come this far with you isn’t proud of you? Shame on them.
        At the end of the day, screw the haters. You got this x

        1. It was just one person, thankfully – I was quite upset about it at the time, but everyone else has been wonderful (and has reassured me that I didn’t do anything wrong), so I’ve had a lot of support 😀

  6. I just want to see you myth busting the whole ‘you can’t have white walls or nice things’ comment I hear so much. No pressure, though, yeah?… #onlyhalfjoking

    1. Haha, I actually have a good friend who has a toddler AND an immaculate house, so it can be done! I mean, possibly not by me, obviously, because I barely have the energy to shower right now, let alone clean, but I guess we’ll find out!

      1. (With that said, that comment is actually one of the many that put me off parenthood for most of my life – it genuinely scares me to think that having a a baby automatically means no more nice things!)

  7. I found myself nodding a lot as I read your post. I think I really understand what you mean. You are once again showing what a huge heart you have. My thought are with you, Terry and Terry’s mother.
    On a different note, it’s true that I struggle more to keep the house clean and tidy now I have children, but now it’s more important to me so I keep up. It’s possible.
    Virtual hugs.

  8. I can understand that some might find reading about pregnancy difficult but I am thoroughly looking forward to all of it. And I say, feel free to complain about the occasional horrors of pregnancy. That is real life. I don’t always agree with the rose-colored glow we are seemingly supposed to put over pregnancy and motherhood. I met someone through some volunteer work I do and he asked me what else I did for work. I answered and included being the mother of two children. He looked at me with a wounded expression and said “but that isn’t work, it is a privilege.” I smiled sweetly and moved on but I thought to myself that the vomit at 2:00 am felt like work. And so did reasoning with the argumentative teenager. And potty training was most definitely work. Maybe a privilege overall, but definitely work in the moment. Anyway, this is a long-winded way of saying I have read your blog for years and will happily continue to read anything you write.

  9. I totally get this. As a lifestyle blogger, when I became pregnant I wanted to blog about it, as it’s part of my life, but I didn’t want to alienate readers who didn’t want that kind of content. It turns out different people come to my blog for different types of posts and it’s all good. I for one look forward to your posts as you embark on parenthood 🙂 And I can totally relate to anxieties in pregnancy following a loss and it’s good to feel comfortable sharing those with others – and being reassured that you’re not alone.

  10. So, weirdly I am interested in neither fashion nor babies, yet here I am! I’m not going to lie, I do not have children and people who think pregnancy is some miracle make me a little nutty. The human population didn’t get to 7+ billion because we can’t seem to procreate. That being said, this is your space and I enjoy YOUR writing. I honestly think you handle almost everything perfectly. Yeah, that’s a little bit weird. Maybe we’re a lot alike (nope, we’re not), or maybe we’re completely different but the way you handle almost every delicate topic is usually spot-on to me. I know people will unsubscribe but I’m sure new people will subscribe. I may skim or not read some stuff just because pregnancy and babies ARE a sensitive topic to me personally, but I may also read every word. Just keep doing you. I think it will even out or end up on the plus side. It took me a longer time than normal to get to this stage – I used to be personally offended every time someone I liked and thought of as a “fun chick” got pregnant and turned into someone that had no adult life or personality of their own. Now I’ve realized that I really just don’t give a shit and if they are happy then I am either happy for them or more neutral about it. I’m one of those weird stahpoverpopulatingtheearthweirdos people, but also selfishly want my own child to name sometimes. Life is confusing. Life is hard. You do you 😉

  11. I’ll be here to the end – I love your writing style and sense of humour in many of your posts and the saddening honesty in others. By the way you’ll be writing about more than your vomit soon enough lol, and sleep, or lack of. I remember following a journalist/mother (years ago and before blogs) who wrote that her foot was sticking to the kitchen floor, but was so exhausted that she would only wash the floor when she stuck to the floor with both feet. I can empathise completely with that, and that’s what makes readers stay around – your writing elicits empathy in your readers in the same way.
    Your pregnancy and Terry’s mum’s health are paramount for you and will fill your life and journal. Share what you want to. I too understand there will be people for whom these posts will be too difficult to read for their own very personal circumstances and understand why one reader will choose if and when to read them. There will also be people for whom these posts are not of interest, and as you say, that is fine too, but you won’t change who you are, or your writing style, and will continue to post about other aspects of your life. I look forward to every post you make and that won’t change. ❤

  12. Let me tell you, even though I’m one of “those who are struggling with loss or infertility”, I really would not like you to talk about the positives only. Leading me to think being pregnant is all the time wonderful is supposed to make me feel less bad that I can’t do it? I don’t think so! And most importantly, it would feel fake, and to me a big part of why I like your blog is how real and honest it feels. (And the shoes, of course).

  13. Amber, I honestly think I’d read a blog version of the phone book if you wrote it! No-one will ever love 100% of anyone’s posts I guess, but you have such a relatable voice I can’t see it being an issue for me. I’m genuinely thrilled for you and really look forward to read along with your experiences. Plus, can’t wait to see how you rock maternity style – my guess is beautifully! If you don’t though and can’t find the energy to get out of your PJs I think I’ll love you even more 😂

    1. Awww, thank you! I’ve had a few comments about maternity style, but I have a feeling you’re all going to be disappointed – I’m currently still in my dressing gown, and it’s almost 3pm 😳

  14. The thing I have always appreciated most about your blog is the diary style of it. While I might not seek out some of the topics you write about, I always enjoy your posts. I was so excited when I your post the other day, because I can’t wait to read your take on being pregnant. I haven’t encountered anything similar to your voice anywhere else on the internet and that’s what keeps me coming back.

  15. Most of us read your blog because we like you. That won’t change. I’m thrilled you are so excited about your baby and I am so excited for you.

  16. Amber,
    I don’t have children or plan to have any, but I know the struggles my sister went through to get pregnant. So I can totally sympathize with you. However, I love your writing no matter the topic! And I adore your fashion choices. I will continue to read each new post with the same enthusiasm as I have all of the others. I’ll be praying for Terry’s Mom.

  17. Amber, I am nearly 63 and just happened upon your blog a few months ago. I love your style (both in writing and fashion). You just keep doing what you do; your inner voice has guided you well, so just keep listening to it. I am not going anywhere…I’ll be right here, watching your life evolve. You are my sister redhead, a savy blogger, a woman with heart.

  18. I’m a spinster (I’m taking back that word to mean someone awesome who never married or had children) who reads blogs widely, including several mommy blogs. They all have one thing in common: I admire the voice of the writer and their posts have become updates from a distant friend, as one commenter said previously. So if yours turns into a mommy blog despite your best intentions, I’m still along for the ride. And also, I’m looking forward to how you style your little dumpling when s/he comes along!

  19. Dear Amber, I am not a mother and never will be, but I have no intention of unsubscribing because I enjoy reading your take on just about everything you’ve written about in the last couple of years. Carry on!

    And those who have experienced the miracle of morning sickness tell me ginger tea and Saltines may help. Not necessarily taken together, though.

  20. I’ve always loved your classic fashion and signature red lip! Because of that, I’m looking forward to seeing how you style your bump! I had a bit of an identity crisis during my first pregnancy when I couldn’t wear my fit and flare dresses anymore. We just found out we’re expecting baby #2, so I’m hoping to feel more “myself” this time around. I get a lot of inspiration from your blog! Bonus: I’m always up for some good pregnancy stories. 😉

  21. I think even for people for whom the subject of pregnancy and motherhood isn’t a huge draw, your take on it will still be entertaining and of interest to regular followers.

    So yeah, it goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway – don’t overthink it, blog whatever works for you!

  22. I had a friend who recently started a mom blog, and while it’s not exactly the first thing that I would look for when looking at different blogs, I wouldn’t dream of unsubscribing or not reading your blog. Regardless of my interests, I’ve read some fascinating things on her blog that I didn’t think about – particularly about finding your identity as an individual and as a mother and trying to balance everything, that I have never thought of or considered before.
    My husband and I are not planning on having kids. People tend to look at both of us as monsters when we say it. I personally love kids – he also likes them – and our decision to not have kids isn’t because we despise them, but simply because we are going to inherit, possibly two. Yes, that sounds weird, I get it. My sister, aged 20, is developmentally delayed – and mentally is about 11. When my parents will no longer be able to care for her, she will come live with us. My husbands parents adopted all three of their children – him and two of his sisters. They are in their sixties and his youngest sister is six. There is a strong possibility, that if anything happens to them, we will have to take care of her as well. After a lot of serious thought, we realized that we won’t be able to take care of everyone and everything. We don’t see it as a serious sacrifice on our part – but simply our reality. If we change our minds or find it is more possible than we thought – then we will meet that challenge when it happens.
    Regardless, the blog I read and discussions with the wife of a work friend of my husbands (what a mouthful!), there are so many things I don’t know about pregnancy and raising kids and I like learning about it and having my point of view change – particularly what I read in my friends blog.
    Most importantly – I’ve been reading your blog for years, and I remember several days when I was procrastinating writing my thesis and going back to read every entry you’ve written. You’re such a great writer that I feel like I have been a part of your life for years and have gone through many things with you – I definitely want to read about all of this and share in it 🙂 I hope that doesn’t sound too weird.

  23. *looks up* Youve got a lot of love up there girl.

    Its funny, I read your blog (no matter the topic, though I dont read every post) because I genuinuely enjoy reading your viewpoints on life. Your a great writer m matter what you talk aboui, and i’ll still be reading even when its nothing but dipers and sleepless nights. I dont currently plan on having children (and its looking like “not ever” but who knows) but im not adverse at all to reading about mom stuff, even if it doesnt allways apply to me. And I love fashion maternity pics actually! I feel like a baby bumb creates a unique experince to plan oufits around! Love you and I’ll be here trough it all. 🙂

  24. I really appreciate your balanced view and your honesty, Amber. Having had 3 children I know that neither pregnancy not motherhood are totally positive experiences at all times. And that we can admit that and still be extremely grateful for them.
    I will be here reading about your coming adventures, and know that, whatever you choose to write, you will do so with your usual integrity. I am looking forward to seeing your evolving style and reading your views even though we are at different stages in life. My children are grown up now and my youngest has just left college but the memories of their early lives are still so vivid. I am truly glad to hear the good news of your pregnancy and wish you the greatest happiness now and in the future.

  25. I never did leave that proper congratulatory comment I promised, did I? So, eh: PROPER CONGRATULATIONS!

    And I’m so sorry about Terry’s mum; I don’t know what else I can say about that – just know that I’m thinking of you guys.

    And as for THIS post, I wrote a pretty much identical one after my first pregnancy announcement. I also started almost every pregnancy post with some sort of “I KNOW HOW LUCKY I AM!” disclaimer and a link to my miscarriage story, as some sort of proof that, honestly, I’m not just tactless. I limited myself to one pregnancy post a week but, once Matilda was here, that went right out the window! So, yeah, try to shrug off the people who unfollow – you’ll soon replace them with a plethora of people who might not be interested in your other topics but ARE interested in pregnancy and babies – and write your own story the way that you want to.

    (Also: should you ever want pestered to give hypnobirthing a try – not to make labour painless but to make you feel more positive about going through it – then give me a shout; I’m happy to rabbit on about how much it helped my mindset)

  26. Looking forward to all your baby blog entries. I shall expect to see a little Amber in a stunning range of frocks (or a wee Terry for that matter!). My brother and his gf have just had a their first baby, a boy, and my little sister is next very soon (another boy!). It’s lovely to hear people’s baby news 👶🏻.

  27. I’m in it for the long haul, doll, you can’t get rid of me that easy. And having addressed my own fertility issues before going on to have two beasties of my own, I’m going to sit back with the popcorn and enjoy, heehee! *I hope that comes across in the spirit I intended*

    Much love, and here’s to you and Terry’s exciting adventures ahead! xxx

  28. I came for the clothes first (quite a few years ago) and I’ve stayed because I like YOU. 🙂 One of the many things I like about you is how honest, open, and thoughtful you are. This post is simply another example. I’m honored that you choose to write about your life and share with all of us random, faceless strangers on the Internet!

  29. Congrats on the baby news! I can’t wait to start getting updates on pregnancy/baby. I’m sure it will be absolutely gorgeous! Have you ever thought about homebirth? I don’t have kids myself, but if I do I will be checking it out, because I HATE hospitals with a passion, and I don’t even have health anxiety, I just think they are miserable places. I don’t normally follow mom blogs either, but if you choose to turn yours into one, then I can assure I will still keep reading!

    1. No, I have very severe health anxiety and am convinced something will go wrong, so I need to be in a hospital, as much as I’m terrified of them, too – kind of a rock/ hard place situation, really 🙁

  30. Congratulations Amber and Terry. A baby is wonderful news and I hope you start to feel better very soon x I’m not even that interested in fashion hahaha I just like your writing style. I like fashion on you but on me it’s a waste of time. Try drinking some lucozade as soon as you wake up to help with the morning sickness and a gingernut biscuit

    1. I really hate ginger unfortunately – I did try back at the start, as it seems to work for literally everyone else, if all of the comments I’ve had are anything to go by, but it just didn’t make any difference for me 🙁

  31. As someone who has dealt with infertility for many years and written about it loads but is now pregnant, I’m also in a similar position. I want to be as sensitive as possible to followers who are struggling and not trigger them, but on the other hand this is such an amazing thing that like you I’m so grateful for, that I just want to shout it from the rooftops and write all about it! Trying to work on finding a balance.

    I’m really happy for you. I had thought that after what happened to you before that you might be scared off pregnancy altogether so I’m delighted to hear you found the strength to keep going despite the health anxiety. x

    1. I really was – I was actually really reluctant to try again at first, because I was so terrified – as strange as this probably sounds, though, it was losing our dog back in March that changed my mind: it just kind of clarified things for me, and made me feel like I’d regret not trying – it was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make, though!

  32. I love how honest you are on here, it’s really inspiring so thank you for that! I’m not into mum blogs but I won’t stop following you because I have a lot of respect for you as a blogger and find your content very inspiring, I wish you all the best throughout your pregnancy!

    Jess x

  33. I don’t have children and never want any but that certainly won’t stop me from following your blog. I come here to listen to your views on everything you want to share with us whether that’s the highs or the lows of your life your fashion or whatever you want to write about. Your unique writing style just makes each topic so very interesting. I felt immense happiness hearing your baby news after everything you and Terry went through and I can’t wait to see how you both progress in this next part of your life, just the same way I would feel if it was a friend of mine.

  34. My only beef with bloggers starting families is that 90% of the time, they disappear after the little one appears. I know parenthood is hard and I don’t begrudge them their choice, I just miss them and I’m sad that blogging had to take a backseat. I also get really curious about the unfinished storylines and they don’t owe me anything so I just have to let it go. I hope you are one that will stay and keep sharing your stories with us, but I’ll understand if you end up having other priorities too. 🙂

  35. I really love this, I’m glad your blog won’t be 100% mum blog but I also think it’s completely understandable that you will be writing about your pregnancy, it’s like anything that changes in life!

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