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New Year Style Resolutions

 I prefer to set monthly goals than yearly ones (Mostly because it’s harder to fail, and easier to stay motivated that way…), so I don’t normally set New Year’s Resolutions.

Well, I kinda DO, actually, but because I’m shallow, they’re mostly fashion-related. Be honest, though: YOU’D rather think about dresses and shoes than diets and ‘cleanses’ too, wouldn’t you? So that’s what I’m going to talk about today. Here are some style-related resolutions I’m going to try my best to keep this year: and by writing these down, I’m ensuring that I make myself accountable, so there’s virtually no chance of me finding myself on the Lindybop website, frantically adding prom dresses to my shopping basket, is there? OK, maybe a tiny chance. An infinitesimally small chance. Like, a 5% chance, say. 10% maximum. 15% at a push. There’s totally a 50% 75% chance of that happening, isn’t there? Let’s do this thing anyway, though: it’s thought that counts, after all…

5 style resolutions to get the New Year off to a more stylish start

Stop buying knitwear with 3/4 length sleeves

Because I don’t wear them. I will never wear them. I mean, I LOVE the look of them: there’s just something about a three-quarter length sleeve (or an elbow-length sleeve, even) that’s so much more elegant than a full-length one, but they’re just not warm enough. Ever. I’m the kind of person who could freeze to death in a heatwave, so if it’s cold enough for knitwear, it’s too cold for bare arms, so no matter how cute those little tops and dresses are, they will not get worn. Well, it seems a shame to ruin the look of them by shoving a cardigan over the top (and knitwear-over-knitwear isn’t the most comfortable option in the world, either), and I can tolerate the cold for approximately two minutes before having to go and change, so … yeah, no more 3/4 length sleeves, promise.

Find some more casual dresses and skirts

I’m sure you’ll all sick to death of hearing me bang on about causal clothes and how I need more of them, but although I did make some progress with that last year, a few months ago I realised that my focus on investing in the “basics” last year meant that although I do have some casual options now, they’re all either jeans, black capri pants or… that’s it, really. This year I’d like to try to expand the casual section of my wardrobe to include some more dresses and skirts: most of the ones I have are fairly dressy, and because my lifestyle is extremely casual, there are people I know who have probably never seen me in a dress in their lives. (Unless they read this blog, obviously, which they probably do, the filthy stalkers.) I actually ordered a couple of items in the sales last month which I’m hoping will fit this criteria: they haven’t arrived at the time of writing, but fingers crossed…


Shop my closet more

Is anyone else cringing right now at my use of the phrase “shop my closet”? Because I certainly am. I can’t really think of a better way to put it, though, and doing my ’12 Days of Christmas Outfits’ series made me realise that although I try my best not to slip into the “keeping things for best” mentality, there ARE still some items that either haven’t been worn at all, or which don’t get worn very often, so this year I’d like to try to show them some love. Clothes aren’t designed to just hang in the closet forever, after all!

Experiment more

I think it’s probably obvious to everyone who reads my blog that I’m not an experimental dresser, and I probably never will be. And I’m happy with that: I have a fairly defined idea of what my style is, and, well, I like what I like, so I’m not about to go out and radically change my style this year, as fun as that might be for some of you to witness. I do, however, have a bad habit of always wearing the same things in the same way (So I’ll always wear this top with that skirt, and those shoes with that dress, or whatever), and that means I don’t really make use of everything I have. This year I’m aiming to try to break that habit, and spend more time thinking about what I wear, rather than always just reaching for the same old combinations. This won’t result in a huge change of style, obviously (because wearing a yellow cardigan rather than a green one isn’t exactly going to rock the world, is it?), but at least it will hopefully help me with the resolution above!

Buy better lingerie, nightwear and sportswear

Another bad habit I’ve fallen into – and I’m cringing again as I type this – is to only invest in the clothing people actually see. Well, it’s just more satisfying to buy a new dress than a few pairs of tights, isn’t it, so … let’s just say you don’t want to see my lingerie drawer (or I really HOPE you don’t, anyway, because that would be creepy, dude…), and I’m pretty sure the neighbours are considering having a quick whip-round to buy me some new sportswear. (I actually got some for Christmas, though, so they can put their wallets away…) My final resolution, then, is to invest in ALL areas of my wardrobe, not just the things people see: and maybe also to stop talking about my undies on the internet, because that sounds like a good idea, too.

Got any New Year Style Resolutions you’d like to share? 

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  • Moira


    Good resolutions. I find it really difficult to do a casual look, so I’ll be watching with interest!

    January 2, 2016
  • Fab post! With some very valid resolutions and points. 🙂
    I am TOTALLY with you on the 3/4 sleeve thing! I’d like to say I learnt my lesson a ew years ago after buying a 3/4 sleeve COAT.. Yes a coat.. Why would anyone not just buy but MAKE such an item.. But, regardless, no, I still buy 3/4 sleeve items and am still cold and curse myself each time!
    I too definitely need to shop my closet more. However, when ‘NEW IN’ emails drop in my inbox.. It be rude not to look.. and then of course buy, I mean, who doesn’t need ANOTHER striped top to add to their collection.. But this one is totally different from last seasons, as it’s a slightly different colour and the gaps between the stripes is different………..
    This year I just need to make better buying decisions. Better quality. Yes, expensive isn;t always best. But neither is cheap.


    January 2, 2016
  • I have been thinking the same thing as you about the knitwear thing… But I just bought a half sleeve jumper from – yes – Lindy Bop. So I don’t think I can ever change… I’ve started wearing them with cardigans though, and as long as the jumper is thin enough it kinda works… I’m the same as you with the clothes you can’t see but again I can’t see that changing either! Too old, too stuck in my ways…

    January 2, 2016
  • I love this! I forgot all about making some fashion resolutions! For me it would be definitely trying out new styles! Shop my closet is an awesome idea as I always claim I have nothing to wear haha! Btw you looked fab in your 12 days of outfits! It’s amazing what we can pull off if we actually try.


    January 2, 2016
  • Sarah


    Fashion resolutions are a great idea! Much more fun than the usual ones. Mine would be to concentrate on getting my basics right this year. I want to find the perfect navy Capri pants and white shirt. I also want to experiment a little with clothing shapes and make sure I’m wearing the right shapes for my figure. I’m an hourglass figure but petite too and want to try out some different skirt and dress shapes as well as different jeans cuts. Really hoping to end up with a better wardrobe this year. Love your blog Amber and love your outfit inspiration. Your capsule wardrobe ideas are my starting point for my new wardrobe! Xx

    January 2, 2016
  • Daniella Modern


    Loved this post!! I’m trying to build a capsule wardrobe this year but keep seeing too many pretty things. I only came across your blog late last year and, if you haven’t already, could you do a post about shoes? You have so many gorge pairs. Whilst I wait :), could you tell me where the blue sling back pair are from? They’re in your main image below the cherry Westwood ones. Thanks!

    January 2, 2016
  • Sasha


    Completely agree with the 3/4 length sleeves! And like a poster above I also own a 3/4 length FUR coat (totally baffling concept). I do love the look of 3/4 sleeves though and always get amnesia whilst shopping about how cold I always am. NO MORE 3/4 ANYTHING.

    January 2, 2016
  • Maria


    I love 3/4 sleeves, but I gotta admit that they’re pretty impractical on winter sweaters, so I’ve never bought one, even if I like the look of it so much!
    My new year fashion resolutions could be: vary your outfits, don’t wear the same things everyday! And also, don’t be afraid of trying new ways of pairing clothes, have fun with clothes! Also, shop your closet, it’s jam-packed of stuff already! And last but not least, stop buying so much: you’ll end up with a ton of crap and few precious favourites. Wait to see if you really like something, then you can buy it!

    January 2, 2016
  • My fashion resolution is to keep a pad of paper near my closet, and every time I have the thought “this would be great if only I had [blank]” because I have a ton of missing basics. Which leaves me with all the “fun” things I can’t wear because they don’t go with anything.

    January 3, 2016
  • I actually own a lot of 3/4 length sleeve knitwear… but only since working in a hospital. Apparently it’s essential to keep the temperature at somewhere around ‘tropical’ at all times. Investing in new sportswear is something I want to do this year, because I’ve actually got into the habit of using it now! I’d just always rather buy something prettier than sports clothes…
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    January 3, 2016
  • I was just starting to have a think about this very topic, so thank you for all of these ideas! I made the switch to buying high quality sportswear and there’s no going back. Proper gear doesn’t stretch or fade and actually keeps you warm/cool. I recommend Asquith for yoga stuff and No Balls and Sweaty Betty for run/gym/yoga. They always have offers too so no need to pay full price!! Xx

    January 3, 2016
  • I do love the 3/4 sleeve too, but you’re right about them not being too warm. Or too cool. But I really love how they look and the shape they give to the arms.

    January 4, 2016
  • I don’t make resolutions either, but I think I need to steal your resolution to experiment more. I wear the same combinations over and over again too. Even when I do think of new ones, I still reach for the old ones. Thanks for the idea!

    January 4, 2016
  • Love this post – my resolution is to like you buy more fabulous underwear and the big one I am letting my hair go natural from years of being a red head so that is going to be exciting to see how my wardrobe meets the challenge!

    January 4, 2016
  • Your resolutions are very similar to the ones I made last year – I feel for everyone the grass is greener on the other side. I like your polished style and would love to copy that and here you want to adopt a more causal look! This is the post I did last year:

    There were somethings I succeeded in and some things I definitely failed at. Please do an analysis post at the end of the year! I think I will be doing the same!

    January 13, 2017