temptu-airbrush-makeup-systHow much would you be willing to pay for a totally flawless face?

Without thinking too much about that question, I guess my answer would’ve been “a lot”. But when I saw that the Temptu Airbrush Makeup System, which promises to give you just that flawless finish, costs $250 at Sephora, I have to admit, I did baulk at the price.

“$250?” I thought. “Oh, hell to the no!”

Then I read the reviews. Hmm. Although it’s fairly new in stock, so far almost everyone who’s tried it has given it five stars, and raved about how utterly fantastic it is. Could it be worth shelling out on after all? Well, the product description certainly makes it sound like it might be. This is, quite literally, an “airbrush system which allows you to spray on your makeup (foundation, blusher, shadow) for a flawless, “airbrushed” finish. The downside, if it can be called that, is that you have to use Temptu cosmetics with it: they’re designed to slot into the machine, and be gently sprayed over the face. It sounds a little daunting, but it does come with an instruction manual, plus a DVD showing you exactly how to use it.

The advantages, of course, are that flawless finish, which I’m sure most of us would love to have. Would you be willing to buy this in order to get it, though? The jury’s still out for me, but if you’re already convinced, you can buy from www.sephora.com. ARE you convinced, though?

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