full jacquard skirt

OUTFIT | 50s-inspired green and gold jacquard midi skirt

green and gold jacquard midi skirt

Next green jacquard skirtThese photos were taken in that golden era B.K. – Before Kitchen.

Er, yeah – just so you know, I’m probably going to be posting about my kitchen renovation a lot over the next few weeks. A LOT. I’m probably also going to be posting a lot more outfit photos than normal, though, because I am seriously loving spring right now. As I said in yesterday’s post, it’s hands-down my favourite season, and I just feel more myself in springtime, if that makes sense? It’s almost like autumn and winter force me to adopt some kind of costume, with all of the tights, and boots and layers I hate so much, but then, when spring finally comes along, I get to shed that completely, and get back to wearing the things I actually WANT to wear. Which is mostly full skirts and fitted tops – I mean, no surprises there  – but hey, at least I’m consistent, right?

This particular full skirt is from Next, and although I think I remember seeing this fabric/print in store around about Christmas time, the green and gold colours just scream ‘spring” to me, so I paired it with my gold Collectif top, and wore it on a sunny day last week. This is just an absolutely gorgeous skirt: like the H&M one I showed you last week, it’s a really thick, luxe-feeling jacquard, with a bit of metallic thread running through it, to make it sparkle in the sunlight. Oh, and pockets, of course. Because if a skirt doesn’t have pockets, then I don’t even want to know it, seriously.

As much as I love the skirt, though, I have to admit that these photos actually feel like a bit of a lie to me right now, given that I’m writing this post in paint-spattered jeans and an ancient grey sweater, which has a thick layer of dust over the top of it, just like everything else in the house. If you’ve been following my Instagram stories, you’ll know that we’re basically living in a building site right now, and damn, but I miss the days when I could wear an outfit like this without worrying about it getting covered in dust and debris, and when my hall floor didn’t literally crunch underfoot. Still, this morning I took refuge in my closet for a half hour or so, and spent a bit of time trying on some of my spring/summer clothes (There’s not really much distinction between the two here, to be honest: sometimes spring is actually warmer than summer is!), and putting together outfits with them. For the first time in months, I actually feel really enthused about doing that, because, rather than it being a struggle to put something together that’s going to be warm enough for the weather, but still cute enough to make me want to wear it, I almost feel like I’ve got a whole new wardrobe, even although it’s all just stuff I already owned. Well, stuff I already owned and this new skirt, obviously. And, well, a few more brand new things that you’ll be seeing soon. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

  • This skirt is so beautiful and really perfect for spring.
    A great look!
    Greets, Bianca

    April 20, 2017
  • Jessica Lee


    I always love your choice of skirt. Especially when it’s made of jacquard. It gives that eee…legit feeling.

    April 21, 2017
  • Rachael Dickinson


    Incredible skirt. I saw this print in a dress from Next too and that is amazing!

    Rachael xox

    April 26, 2017