stripe midi dress with red shoes and handbagOne of the things I love most about clothes is the memories they carry with them, hidden in the fabric.

It’s a bit of a running joke in our family that, given any random life event, I can be counted on to remember exactly what I was wearing for it, right down to the shoes and accessories. (My dad is the same, slightly bizarrely: if we’ve gone somewhere with my parents, my mum and Terry will always remember what they ate, while me and my dad will remember what we wore…) Of course, the fact that I blog about my outfits helps with that, obviously: even if I didn’t remember the last time I wore this dress – on a sunny day in Burbank, California, just over a year ago – I’d have the photos I took of it to remind me, but I have a feeling I’d probably remember anyway, because those are the little details that always stick in my mind.

This time around, however, I wore the dress on an equally sunny (I know!) day in Edinburgh. These photos were taken at Cramond, before we headed into the city for lunch at Mr Nick’s. Once again, I styled the dress in  almost exactly the same way I did last time, right down to the hat -which was really a necessity, because I’d managed to burn my scalp in the sun the day before, and if you’ve ever tried to drag a hairbrush over a sunburnt scalp, you’ll know exactly why I wasn’t about to risk THAT again. Anyway, we had our lunch, and, once again, came home feeling like we’d been on holiday : August, I have to say, you’ve been pretty good to us, all things considered…

Where will the stripe dress go next, though? We’ll just have to wait and see…

nautical summer look featuring ASOS black and white stripe midi dress


ASOS stripe midi dress (similar)

Topshot hat

Christian Louboutin shoes

3.1 Philip Lim Pashli satchel*

  1. Ow! Agree with you on the burnt scalp… I used to have a spray on sunscreen I used for my hair, but it made my hair too greasy. So now I just wear a hat when I’m outside. The other reason I would rather wear a hat is to protect my hair. NZ is terrible for UV damage. One day I noticed that my mum’s hair was only grey on top – underneath her hair was still completely black. Scientists say there is no proof that the sun turns your hair grey, but that was enough to get me wearing a hat!

  2. I completely agree with the memories of a dress thing — recently I myself wore a striped dress twice and blogged about it too! Question, though: Do you override your first memories of wearing the dress with each subsequent time you wear it, and does the dress become more or less special to you the more times you put it on?

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