They say it’s your birthday

As well as being the six month anniversary of the transplant, my dad’s birthday, father’s day, and MOT day, last week was also the week of Terry’s 28th birthday.

As part of the general birthday celebrations, we also had a “surprise” visit from John, who wanted to be reunited with both his brother and his other kidney for a few days. When I say “surprise” here, I mean “We totally knew he was coming because Terry’s mum told us, and Terry picked him up at the airport and everything”, but it was good to see him, anyway.

Not so good for John, though, unfortunately. He got food poisoning of some kind on his first night back home (we think), and spent most of the rest of his stay shivering uncontrollably by the fire, whilst feeling sick to his stomach. Which was, you know, not so good.

Anyway, I mention this because for most of today, Rubin has been acting exactly like John did, with the shivering and the laying around, and the generally looking as sick as a dog. (Clearly Rubin actually is a dog, of course, but you know what I mean). The shivering only lasted for a few minutes when he was forced to go outside, and he’s eating OK and begging for food as normal, but I’m still freaking out here because OMG MY BABY! I am so letting him sleep in our room tonight. I predict a riot when Terry finds out about that, but y’know, MY BABY.

We booked him into the kennels yesterday, for the weekend of the wedding. I’m sure this is his way of getting his own back…

*Yes, we will be buying Terry new jeans with his birthday money.
** Damn, my face is shiny. GOD.

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