Everything including the kitchen sink

So, this Saturday is my mum’s birthday, so over the weekend I went to the shops, and this is what I bought:


Yes, platform pee-toes: the shoes of champions. So, yeah, Happy Birthday, mum! And don’t worry about these not fitting too good, because, as luck would have it, they both fit me perfectly, so whew, disaster averted there, eh?

Oh, and I also bought an entire new kitchen and new flooring for the entire house. Because, you know, that whole “re-doing the bathroom” thing worked out so well, and was just SO! MUCH! FUN! that we thought, “Hell, let’s put ourselves through another couple of months of that crap.” I mean, it’s not like we had plans, or anything…

Of course, I say I bought this brand, spanking new kitchen and flooring-for-the-entire-house: what I mean by that is we bought it, and what I mean by that is: Terry did it. I contributed financially, obviously, but in terms of actually organising the whole thing, Terry did it all the measuring and boring stuff, and I just walked around the store going, “I like that one. Let’s get that one.” I don’t really “do” buying kitchens, you see. Me, I just buy shoes…

Anyway, what all of this means is that the next couple of months, they’re not going to be so much fun for either of us, but particularly not for Terry, who will be installing the new kitchen and laminate-for-the-whole-house. Poor Terry. I will be suffering too, of course, because I am a compulsive neat freak, and this is how our living room looks right now:


That silver thing you can only just see at the top of the picture? Is the kitchen sink. And I just know that this sink is probably going to go all “bathroom radiator” on us and sit there for months now, unable to fulfill its destiny as a sink, because we’ll be just too darn lazy busy to install it. God, I love it when we do home improvements, I really do.

The worst thing about this? That’s not even half of the stuff. No, the rest of it doesn’t arrive until May 1st, so we have AT LEAST one month of living like this ahead of us. If it’s anything like the whole bathroom saga, we’ll end up camping out in one room for the duration, like savages, although, looking on the bright side, at least I won’t have to clean the house any more because seriously, what is the point? Fun times, folks, fun times. Most exciting purchase BY FAR, though: one of those trays that holds knives and forks and stuff, which is made completely out of wood. OF WOOD.

God, I’m getting boring in my old age, aren’t I? Let’s look at my shoes again:

Ah, much better!

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  • Cute shoes! I'm so jealous! I'm going to go look for shoes today at Macy's. And post pictures of the kitchen project as you go!

    April 7, 2008
  • I REALLY like the black ones. Like, really. A lot. Want them now.

    April 7, 2008
  • I love the shoes! Esp the black ones. I'm really thinking that this spring weather is making me long for some nice black peep toes…

    April 7, 2008
  • Yay for New Look shoes! Are the black ones suede?

    April 8, 2008
  • Fi, they're actually satin. I think I would have preferred suede because I really wanted black peep toes to wear during the day, and I think satin is very eveningy, but they were just too pretty to pass up. (And I'll probably still wear them in the daytime regardless…)

    April 8, 2008
  • Doing floor laminate is really easy and quite rewarding… you should join in! Apart from trimming the edges pieces to fit that is. That part totally sucks.

    Loving the tan shoes. Peeps are the shoes of gods indeed. Sadder still that I only own one pair which have stretched beyond fitting me!

    April 9, 2008
  • Want. Black. Shoes.

    New Look need to ship to Australia! 🙂

    April 9, 2008
  • oooo, pretty shoes! platform peep toes are the most awesome of all shoes.

    April 12, 2008